Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today's Happy Hour Tableau

While necessity is best known for being the mother of invention she's also the aunt of expedience.  We're just in from doing today's errands which included a beer run.  We weren't feeling up to a 30-mile jaunt out to the Class VI store as is sometimes usual, so we popped into the local Beer Mart and picked up a 12-pack of Coors' Moon Variants, which consists of four bottles each of Blue, Full, and Pale Moon(s?).  We're sampling our first Pale Moon as we type... and it's not a bad brew, once again.  The Moons get some bad-mouthing here and there among purists ("It's COORS, fercrissakes!") but I find all the ones I've sampled to date to be quite pleasant.
Our cigar today is an Oliva Connecticut Reserve, the soundtrack is Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, and we are taking our Happy Hour indoors.  It's just a wee bit nippy for sitting our old under-insulated ass outside, what with our R-factor being somewhat less than 15.  But we're working on that.


  1. HA! "...under-insulated ass..."!!!

    Pam has been trying for years to come up with something new to convey "flat ass," "absent butt," and "like your Daddy & Papaw's fanny" while trying to make sport of my backside.

    I'm gonna make her read this one. Truthfully, I'm getting kind of tired of hearing the same old put-downs from her...this might take us to new levels of affection. ;)

    wv: flirtshe Hmmmm.......

  2. Ah - the Brandenburgs. How very - cultured - of you Buck.

  3. I've never had anything bad to say about the Moons...not stellar, but as far as mass marketed faux "craft" beers go they're more than acceptable.

  4. Andy: I was talking about the whole house being under-insulated, not just the basement. But I'm glad to be of service!

    Kris: I was actually in more of a "Pictures at an Exhibition" mood, but that CD is loaned out to Grandson Sean. ;-)

    Mike: Wow... talk about "damning with faint praise!" Heh.

  5. I like the moon beers, but then I like Coors (mountain girl at heart). I like the choice of music too. Sometimes the art ladies and I fight about the music we listen to - I like old rock, but they like whale music. Sometimes they play elevator music, but I like something livelier - like this.

    Andy, my husband says he is like a Jersey cow - all belly and no ass.

  6. Lou: The Moon beers ARE pretty good. "Whale music?" LOL! I'm pretty sure I get your drift there!

  7. Haha, I honestly didn't intend it that way...but really, mass marketed "craft" beer is the best way to describe Moon. You can get it everywhere (and on tap, more than likely). There should be a rule that in order to be considered something other than Bud/Miller/Coors you have to be unavailable in certain parts of the country, at least on tap if not in the bottle. (If your beer comes in cans, that's just right out.)

  8. One of my favorites. Oh, what it would be like to be part of a performance of this concerto. They must have had a great time!


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