Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Newt

This time the Speaker is on about positive campaigning:

Speaking of the Speaker... I watched him on Tavis Smiley's show tonight and Mr. Smiley posed the usual, customary, and reasonable exit question: are you going to run in 2012?  Rather than be coy about it, Mr. Gingrich essentially repeated what CNN reported about a week ago... which is to say he's weighing his options and will decide around the first of next year.  Fair enough.  And better than the "nudge-nudge, wink-wink" BS we usually get.
I'm on the record about Newt: I like him.  I haven't made up my mind as to whether or not he'd make a good president.  I have no doubt he has the intellectual horsepower and the political savvy for the job, I just worry about his underlying character.  We've gone on about this before, haven't we?  Often, as it turns out.


A question for you, Gentle Reader.  Do you use Firefox?  If so, have you upgraded to v 3.6?  If you upgraded, are you having issues with video playback?  I upgraded this past weekend and videos will just not play normally any longer.  The audio is fine but ALL video plays with a herky-jerky motion as if it's buffering, which it clearly is not since the audio track is fine.  It's so bad I keep a separate IE window open for watching vids.  And if I have to do that, why use Firefox at all?

Your speculation/answers/opinions would be most appreciated.   Never mind.  I cleared my cache and we're fine now.  Why don't I EVER remember to do that before I open my mouth and confirm everyone's suspicions about my general ineptitude?


  1. Yep -- that "underlying character" question is a puzzler. And a sticking point. We shall see who else crawls out of the woodwork (or from beneath a rock!) before setting a firm price on character.

  2. I'm witcha, Moogie. Newt seems to be the best we've got at the moment, but that's not sayin' a whole Helluva lot in the final accounting.

  3. There was a line in there about Reagan believing that his views were the same as the majority of people's. I remember a bunch of flack about the "silent majority" back in those days. No one uses that term anymore, yet I believe they are still there - they just speak with their votes. The key is to know what they want. I'm not sure anyone in Washington knows these silent people.

  4. My only beef, was he led the Republicans to disaster, after winning Congress. They started out with a fantastic program, and then everbody brought their wheelbarrows to work and emptied the treasury. Sorry, only one chance at the top. He's just a pundit now. Smart, but unable to lead in the most important part today - the economic crash.


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