Thursday, January 28, 2010

SOTU & Hand Baskets

So. Didja watch it?  I did... the whole thing... and I didn't even fall asleep.  I didn't make it through the Republican response though, falling asleep just as Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was entering the statehouse chambers.  Watching The One is exhausting work, yanno?

Mr. Krauthammer has all you really need to know in case you missed it.

As for me?  Not impressed.  I'm at the point now where all of The One's speeches sound the same to me.  The Big Mystery last night was whether or not Obama was gonna "pivot," "move to the center" or otherwise pull a Clinton after his party got its ass handed to it in the VA, NJ, and MA elections.  Short answer: no.  Up the ante, keep on keepin' on, stay the course.  And you guys in the opposition party should just quit obstructing things and get on board, coz now that you can filibuster shit you'll be responsible for The One's failures.  He said so.  So I guess The One is saving the Clintonian course correction some of the pundits were anticipating for next year's SOTU.  You know... when the obstructionists have the majority in at least one chamber.

There was one "I can't believe he SAID that!" moment, though.  He looked directly at Chief Justice Roberts and all the Supremes ... and said:
With all due deference to separation of powers, last week the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests –- including foreign corporations –- to spend without limit in our elections. (Applause.) I don't think American elections should be bankrolled by America's most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities. (Applause.) They should be decided by the American people. And I'd urge Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps to correct some of these problems.
Those two applause moments in parentheses?  Those were standing ovations.  Or as much of the chamber as one could see on the teevee stood up and applauded while the Court sat stock-still and took it.  Well, sorta.  Here's Glenn Reynolds:
“POLITICO’s Kasie Hunt, who’s in the House chamber, reports that Justice Samuel Alito mouthed the words ‘not true’ when President Barack Obama criticized the Supreme Court’s campaign finance decision.” Drudge is calling Obama’s criticism “intimidation,” but apparently, they weren’t so intimidated. As I said before, Obama’s behavior wasn’t very Presidential, and it wasn’t very wise.
MORE: “When you hear the president of the United States demagoguing the First Amendment, you sit there and you take it, son.”
No, actually, you don’t, and Alito didn’t. And that will step on Obama’s press tonight and tomorrow, turning his demagoguery into a negative for him. That’s why Presidents usually act Presidential. Not so much because it’s dignified. But because it’s smart. That’s something that Obama, with his limited experience on the national stage, hasn’t figured out yet.
I literally sat in front of the teevee with my mouth hanging open.  I've never seen a president level criticism like that in an address to Congress before in my life.  Never.  As Mr. Reynolds says... with great understatement... The One's behavior was not wise.

Hand baskets:

It's midnite as I write this and the storm hasn't hit us yet.  I hope the NWS is wrong and Jenny's forecast (in comments to the post immediately below this one) comes to pass.  I'm also glad I don't have anyplace to go tomorrow.


  1. Buck, yours is the first I am getting of the SOTU, I not only did not watch it I did not tune it to catch the punditry, I'll do that today. I have no stomach for the brand of Government that PresBO and his whole cabal of America-hating hypocrites want to foist upon us masses in the name of saving us from ourselves. It is they that are the enemy and we should be throwing this crap right back at him. Ah well.

    We too are getting snow, its falling right now so we will be sharing in the pain that comes with old man winter.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. Didn't watch it, and like Jimmy T, this is the first I've read this am.

    I did catch the response though as I was heading to lala land. Man, we've got a weak bench. Just sayin'.

    He really drew down on the Court? Oh man...what a monor! Hopefully, they'll keep ramming at it until Nov. & not turn middle before the elections.

    People are stupid, and a 2 x 4 to the head might get 'em off the dime.

  3. Make it three who did not watch and just now getting a first response. I seem to have the "whatever" view of Obama.

  4. Didn't watch, not even to do the SOTU Drinking Game (see my blog. I figured I shouldn't get shitfaced when home alone with the kids. LOL!)

    I see my plan worked though. By NOT being prepared and saying it wasn't going to do anything, it did! I bundled up at 6:30 this morning and went out in the sleet and snow to gather firewood and feed/water the animals. And it is a-getting after it out there now! I camein a few minutes ago and my footprints are already filled in. Hope you are prepared there, Buck!

  5. Jenny: "Gettin' it" is RIGHT! I just poured my first cup and I'm sittin' here lookin' out the window thinkin' "wow!" It's hard to see across the street at times.

    I'm glad I took the forecast to heart... we have all the essentials and are good-to-go as long as the power stays on.

    Jimmy, Andy, and Lou: I felt like I owed you guys... you know, the ol' "I watched so you didn't have to" thingie. ;-)

  6. I watched every awful moment of it ... every "I" "I" "me" ... every nasty little innuendo about how he inherited all of this ... all the statements about the recession ending and how he has created jobs blah blah blah .... all the little cold stares at the GOP side of the room .... and the comment about how health care did not pass because he didn't "explain it well enough" to the American people (I never knew we were that dumb.)

    Two parts astounded and had me screaming at my TV - there was not ONE WORD of thanks or support to honor the U.S. military fact nothing about terror, Gitmo or the trials being moved to the U.S. The only time he addressed the military/national security at all was to tell us HE is ending the war.

    The second unbelievable part was when he disrespected the United States Supreme Court while they sat right there in his presence and had to take it without response (except for Justice Alito, bless him). Like Buck, I have never seen anything like that happen in all my years of watching presidential speeches. I think I literally gasped when he did that.

    On the other hand, I want him to keep right on what he is doing. He is virtually assuring himself of a one term presidency -- and the fact that he is a total screw-up can't be blamed on Bush.

    P.S. I loved the speech by Gov. Bob McDonnell -- he hit just the right tone and said all the right things about what we conservatives / Republicans believe.

  7. fact nothing about terror, Gitmo or the trials being moved to the U.S.

    He's not gonna talk about things where he absolutely, positively sucks. The One KNOWS he has serious problems in this area and simply chose to ignore those subjects, hoping they'll go away. But they WON'T.

  8. Did you know that the female police officer sitting next to Michelle Obama was the one who fired at the Ft. Hood shooter to stop his killing spree? Obama didn't EVEN mention her or introduce her to the crowd - I guess that would have meant he would have had to acknowledge a terror attack in this country on his watch.

  9. Sharon: I had read that policewoman and her colleague were invited to the event and I figured that was who it was. But, yeah: bad form on the part of The One for not calling them out as his predecessors used to do. Not totally unexpected, tho.

  10. Watched it - argh... same ol, same ol .... spend, spend, spend... anyone who doesn't think like me is evil... you don't pass what I want, I do it by executive order...

  11. I guess the concept of personal accountability and responsibility of those in Leadership does escape the won,does it not. I don't think he would take credit for his kids except for the facts of the biological sciences. The acceptance of one's own failures is as important as the successes. BHO does not have this. Never had it and he never will. And the Citizens of The Republic are now seeing him for what he truly is and it is beginning to get to him and his minions.
    Maybe we can use Bob Dylan's line from the song......."the times, they are a changin" May God grant us that.

  12. "spend, spend, spend... anyone who doesn't think like me is evil... you don't pass what I want, I do it by executive order..."

    In the interest of bipartisanship (better yet, apartisanship) that pretty much describes W. as well...just sayin'. ;-)

    As for Obama's petulant little temper tantrum, the fact that he received a standing ovation is exhibit number one why we have an independent judiciary (Hamdi is exhibit number two). I was most amused by his use of "with all due deference." This is the Presidential equivalent of telling a military superior that "with all due respect, you're a f**king idiot, sir." Chances are that if you open using "with all due respect" you should probably just not open your mouth at all.

  13. Buck,

    Stay warm, pard. I ain't seen no snow in muchas anos now, and I shore don't miss it.

    In re the general ineptitude of the GOP, you might find this illuminating:

    Illegitimi non carborundum

  14. Cynthia: Yup. Same ol', same ol'.

    Glenn: Didn't Barry accept responsibility for not explaining stuff very well to us rubes? The arrogant SOB...

    Mike: Yup, I had serious issues with Dubya's lack of fiscal restraint and his refusal to veto shit he should have. Your point about "with all due respect" is right frickin' on, too.

    Rob: Thanks for the link. Good piece! (And we're nice and warm, too!)


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