Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Lull In the Action

I went outside a few minutes ago and this is what we look like:

People in snow country might laugh but this amount of snow is close to paralyzing things in these parts.  All the schools and gub'mint offices in P-Ville and the surrounding area, including Clovis, are closed.  I'm just glad I don't have anywhere to go, as noted elsewhere.
We're also having a lil bit o' thundersnow which has resulted in flickering lights and the catching of breath on my part.  I don't mind the snow so much in the final accounting, but stuff like this is scary:

My poor cherry tree!  We're well below freezing at the moment, so it looks like it will be snow and not ice for the rest of the day.  Let's hope it stays that way. 

Update, 1435 hrs:  It's been snowing off and on all danged day.  I have to admit watching the snow fall outside my window has been both amusing and beautiful, as far as that goes.  That said, it's not beyond the pale to think we'll get the forecast ten inches today.  I'm thinking we've received at least six inches already but I'm not motivated enough to step outside and verify that.  Looking at it from my window while sipping a Chimay Blue and enjoying a Padilla 1932 is quite enough, thankyouverymuch.


  1. Oh, NO!!!!! That's our forecast for the weekend.

    I wonder if throwing myself on the floor and having a complete tantrum will stop the snow? No? Crap.

  2. Yowzers! I hope that does not happen here. The wind is really howling here - you would not want to go out for photos. Stay warm and inside.

  3. I absolutely hate ice storms. We used to get the darn things all the time in Kansas, but haven't seen one since we have lived in Santa Fe. We are getting a steady snow here this morning.

  4. Ooh!!! I really hope it stays snow -- ice storms are the worst, if you're fond of having power! Stay warm -- a little hot toddy might help!

  5. There is something just tremendously beautiful about an iced-up tree, though, isn't there? I mean, I know you're feeling sorry for it, but aesthetically it's amazing.

    We just started getting a huge bit of snowfall about an hour ago. I can empathize.

  6. Kath sez: ...throwing myself on the floor and having a complete tantrum ...

    Tried that, and you see the results. My histrionics might even have made things worse.

    Lou: I hope you're spared, as well.

    Sharon: I hear ya about ice storms. I've been in a few, too. They suck.

    Moogie: Happy Hour will come waaay early today. A toddy DOES help.

    Jim: Iced trees are beautiful once the sun comes out, agreed. But the broken and falling limbs are ugly... especially when they hit power lines.

  7. Holy Crap! It's pouring rain here, and it's supposed to freeze overnight. *sigh*
    I guess it's a good thing I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.

  8. Beautiful! I'm so jealous. I know you hate it though so I'm sorry you won't be happy... but the photos are fab. Good to know it's not just Britain which grinds to a halt with an inch of snow!

  9. wow I just realised that that's ice. Yikes

  10. Buck, nothing to do with your weather...I showed #3 son, Phillip (the soldier) your crotch rocket.

    Seems that the one he has replaced his customized cruiser with is the same model. Except his is (don't tell him I said this) chicken yellow...REALLY chicken yellow.

    Kids...whatcha gonna do with 'em???

    BTW: It's about 68 F here, but rain in the forecast. Nice pix. sorry about the cherry tree.

  11. We are supposed to get 5-6 inches of white powder overnight... in other words flurries.

    We usually get about 130 inches of snow a year. An hour north of where I am gets over 200 inches on a mild year.

    I do feel for ya though. It worst in areas that are not used to getting much of that white stuff. Heck, even where I live people seem to forget year to year how to drive in the stuff.

  12. MissBirdlegs in AL28 January, 2010 18:30

    We have a 'winter weather advisory' - probably freezing rain & the resultant ice. Hoping & praying that it warms up enough to keep it rain, as bad as we don't need any more just now. Don't like one thing about ice storms & the power outages that go with them!

    word verification: dereduck :-)

  13. Yeah, it sucks for a day or two. Then it melts, and you're back to happy hour on the verandah.

    We're still bouncing around in the icy ruts from Christmas...and that's after we had two days of rain last week.

  14. Ten inches...the most I remember from my 18 years there is six from one storm.

  15. Christina: Yeah, Texans generally don't do well in snow/ice. You're right to stay home.

    Alison: I have to admit it IS pretty. For a brief while.

    Andy: So how does SN3 like the new moto? I LOVE mine...

    OG: You live in snow country, fer sure. And you get a LOT more snow than we did in Ra-cha-cha, even though we were hard on the lake. The prevailing winds usually took the worst of it south of us.

    Katy: I hope you dodge the ice bullet, too. You're right about ice storms: they SUCK.

    Gordon: We might do Happy Hour outside tomorrow - a distinct possibility. And we DID get a lot of snow, according to the PNT.

  16. Buck, SN3 loves it. Actually his first one was the same model (but older). He didn't have it too long before it mad major engine trouble.

    He didn't know what he was doing when he bought it...and wouldn't listen to his old man. Go figger!

    His chicken yellow one is a bike worth buying.

    Ya' know, I've had about a dozen hits on that "For Sale" post I did already. Not bites yet, though.


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