Thursday, January 21, 2010

Language a funny thing.  In watching and reading about the fallout from the Massachusetts election yesterday I kept hearing the words "frustrated and angry" coupled together and thrown at me from both ends and all corners of the political spectrum, both on my teevee and in print.  I dunno about you, Gentle Reader, but I'm simply pissed off.  I only get "frustrated" when I wanna get laid and don't.  Lately I've been feeling screwed by politicians of the liberal persuasion but that ain't quite the same thing.  So... can we please stop with this "frustrated" BS?

Toon from AAEC.


  1. I guess the media are just stumbling around looking for a word to replaced pissed.


  2. That cartoon is too funny!

    What the PC MSM is trying to do is portray the tea-party crowd, etc, as nothing but mindless, ill-informed ignoramous' who just want to tear down the temple in a blind rage and, if they only had it all " 'splained" to them properly would see the error of their ways. That they "know not what they do." Typical elitist feelings/expressions of intellectual/moral superiority and barely concealed contempt.

  3. Well - when PBO blames Bush for the loss of the Democrat seat in MA - what do you expect?

  4. VX: "barely concealed contempt" is being kind. TOO kind, methinks. But then again, it comes with the territory.

    Lori! Girl! Those were pretty danged good - thanks for that.

    Kris: You just hadda know that was gonna be his reax, no? Why change now?

  5. GBN1, the rat terrier, and I were all in bed together last weekend. GBN1 said, “Make Ranger stop that noise (licking sounds)! It is frustrating me!” I thought it was interesting that she used “frustrating,” but figured she could not come up with a better word. And yet, I understood. That licking sound was obnoxious and extremely irritating – kind of like Kennedy’s in Massachusetts and other Dems sounding off.

  6. I am at various times lately outraged, pissed, angry, disgusted, seething (haha) .... and a few times in the past week hopeful and energized.

    But "frustrated"? NO

    I will only get frustrated when we no longer have the means or the will to fight what these people are doing to our country. And we're not there yet and I hope we never will be.

  7. Angry and Frustrated is what Obama is - if you heard the speech yesterday, it was edging up to meltdown level!

  8. Sharon: Well said.

    Cynthia: I have a "Nobama" policy in effect. I can't stand to watch him give a speech and can barely take excerpts. I make exceptions from time to time and will probably watch the State of the Union. With LOTS o' scotch at hand.


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