Thursday, January 21, 2010

Heh. And Other Stuff.

Good friend Lori oh-so-casually dropped this link in comments and there's some good stuff there.  Like this:

There are also some things that are even more sophomoric than this, but better than half of the graphics therein should make ya laugh, Gentle Reader.  Or cry.

So... we kicked off Happy Hour a little bit early today and tried to hold the festivities outdoors seeing as how the temp is supposedly 63 degrees.  That normally would be most pleasant indeed were it not for an 18-mph wind and an overcast that prevents the small-beer warmth that emanates from the sun at this time o' year from reaching us.  (sigh)  

We tried.

Anyhoo.  Today's cigar is a Gurkha Park Avenue Churchill, our beer is 1554, and this is something from our soundtrack:

Not a bad day, all told.  I've had worse.


  1. MissBirdlegs in AL21 January, 2010 16:48

    Love me some Ray Charles. Coincidentally, at work today, one of the guys was singing "Crying Time". Maybe I'll have an extended visit to YT tonight.

  2. I saw lots and lots of convertibles out and about today in NOLA. We're doing a celebratory cocktail on the front porch -- the first porch-sit of the season (until it gets chilly again next week).

    Love the Pelosi picking-upon poster. Se's looking pretty rough these days -- it's been a hard week for the poor little girl from San Francisco. Heh. And other stuff.

  3. Ray Charles...oh man...

    I'm thinkin' a little "Hit The Road Jack" would sound pretty good right now.

  4. Katy & Andy: I loves me some Ray!

    Moogie: I'm glad your WX is nice; ours is in a hand basket and I don't like where we're headed. Agree with ya about Dear Nan; it's too bad she has one of the safest seats in the House.

  5. This is one of my all-time fave songs. So filled with emotion - in the hands of the right performer it's just magical.

    Ray Charles. Michael Buble. To me these are the right performers for this song. Gorgeous Buck, thank you.

  6. Kris: I like Leon Russell's version best, the one on the self-titled album that came out in '70. It's raw and ain't everyone's cuppa.


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