Thursday, November 19, 2009


The final results for this year's Valour-IT fundraiser are in and we did MUCH better than last year!  Team results as follows... with last year's results included for comparison's sake.

Army: $32,758.80
Navy: $19,108.04
Marines: $43,060.89
Air Force: $15,662.17
General Donations: $2,535.00
TOTAL: $113,124.90


Army: $31,927
Navy: $21,475
Marines: $10,081
Air Force: $9,437
Coast Guard: $1,766
General Donations: $8,400
TOTAL: $83,086
A HUGE Thank You to all who contributed!  You'll note Team Zoomie brought up the rear again this year... and I'll invoke the usual, customary, and reasonable saying for that sad fact:  "Wait 'til next year!"


  1. Good job, Buck.. and good job Air Force. The usual: There are no losers in these things. Still, it would be nice to move up in the rankings, no?

  2. Yeah, it would be nice to move up. We've been dead last every year since I started playing... I thought we had a shot at beating the squids this year, but Lex had to go and play his techno-blogger connection card. (sigh)


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