Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Of Limited Interest....

... to perhaps two or three of you Gentle Readers and mebbe many less, given as how Brendan is a Devils/Blues/Red Wings/Rangers kinda guy.  That said, yet another passage:  Brendan Shanahan announced his retirement yesterday.  We quote from NHL (dot) com:
Shanahan's greatest on-ice success came during his nine seasons with the Red Wings. He played at least 75 games each season, scored at least 30 goals seven times and more than 40 goals three times. He also won his three Stanley Cups, in 1997, '98 and 2002. In 1997, Shanahan placed second on the Red Wings in playoff scoring with 9 goals and 8 assists for 17 points while helping lead Detroit to its first Stanley Cup in 42 years. In 2002, he ranked second on the team and tied for third in the NHL with 19 points in 23 games, helping lead the Red Wings to their third Stanley Cup in six seasons.
The second pick of the 1987 Entry Draft by the New Jersey Devils, Shanahan also played for the Blues, Hartford Whalers, Red Wings and New York Rangers during his career.

After four seasons with New Jersey, he signed with St. Louis following the 1990-91 season as a free agent; as compensation, the Devils were awarded defenseman Scott Stevens. Shanahan twice scored 50 goals in four seasons with the Blues, and then was traded to Hartford following the 1994-95 season, in exchange for defenseman Chris Pronger. Shanahan spent just one full season with the Whalers, and then was dealt to the Red Wings two games into the 1996-97 season.

He signed with the Rangers prior to the start of the 2006-07 season, and spent two seasons on Broadway.

Shanahan last played in the NHL last season, signing with Devils midway through the season and finishing with 6 goals and 14 points in 34 games. He re-signed with the Devils over the summer, but left the team during training camp when he and coach Jacques Lemaire couldn't come to an agreement on what Shanahan's role on the club would be.
Which is a sort of ignominious end to a brilliant career.  Shanahan was placed on waivers by New Jersey earlier this year... he opted to retire after no one picked him up.  Still and even, we remember Brendan with fondness... and wish him well in his future endeavors.


While we're on about hockey... there's this:

Well... let's just say this is the "Not Ovechkin" post-goal celebration and leave it at that.  Heh. But ya gotta admit: it IS funny. We hope no hockey players were harmed in the production of this video...


  1. Buck, You are so right about Shanahan leaving the Devils in they way he dis is truly unremarkable and he was so good. One of the best all time in my book. Glad he is gone as my Flyers have to play them Devils a lot (beat them this week by the way).

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. Buck, even though I'm a Louisiana boy, I have some deep roots in the game of hockey.

    Long stories that I will not bore you with (right now). I'm pretty sure that you caught the video of the 9 year-old. But, I didn't find your blog until recently, and don't know if you've seen it.

    So, here it is (pardon my tardiness, and bothersomeness if you have).

  3. Did I tell you that my small boy, turning eight into nine, asked to attend a hockey game for his birthday celebration? The request knocked me silly.

    Thankfully, a minor league team, the Texas Stars, has opened for business fifteen minutes up the road in a new arena and we bought center ring seats for the Friday after Thanksgiving for around $80 bucks.

    I'll fill you in after the game, should be exciting stuff.

    **can you kill the weird word sign in for comments yet? I hate it.

  4. Happy hockeying!

    Oooh, thanks, Daphne! No veriword!

  5. Jimmy: The Devils did Shanny wrong. They may regret their stupidity come playoff time.

    Andy: Yep, I have seen that lil boy's goal. That took hours and hours and hours of practice!

    Daph: Waaay-cool about your son! I'm sure you'll love the game, too. Just sayin'.

    Moogie: Funny thing: I got spammed exactly 52 minutes after I killed the veriword. But it was a one-off, not 50 damned comments on 50 separate posts like the last time I was attacked. So... we'll leave the veriword off for a while and see what happens.

  6. Buck, I've been getting spammed for the first time in two years of no word verification. Just in the last week or so.

    They are one offs, and showing up on very old posts. I got one this morning, and dude forgot to insert a link. Sharp.

  7. The video was fun - I like the two players looking over the railing at their fallen comrade.

  8. The video was fun - I like the two players looking over the railing at their fallen comrade.

  9. Everyone is an idiot at some point in their life!

  10. That's just plain laugh-out-loud hilarious! I watched it three times!

  11. Andy: I dunno why spammers hit old posts, but they do. I got another one overnight, but I can deal with the onesie-twosies. It's the automated massive attacks that make me go with the veriword...

    Lou, Mushy, and Jim: Glad you liked!


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