Saturday, November 28, 2009

Eatcher Heart Out, Morgan

Heh.  We could claim Morgan's heroette dropped by, couldn't we?  But we have no definitive proof and besides... last we heard Miss Alaska is on her book tour in the Lower 48.  OTOH, maybe she's back home for Thanksgiving and decided to look in to see if I'd come to Jesus yet.  Ya never know, do ya?

Update, jes a lil bit later:  Turns out La Palin IS off for Thanksgiving... so we're gonna pretend she was here and who's to say she wasn't?  Which makes the post title TRUE.  Heh.


  1. Well, it wasn't me...I know that Sitemeter sometimes gets locations a little jacked up but Wasilla is a bit too far away, plus I don't run XP anymore (unfortunately) and in any case I wasn't online at that time.

    So, in other words, yet one more piece of evidence in favor of your original thesis.

  2. ROFL!!!!

    My sitemeter hits do entertain me, too!

  3. You always show up with an ISP of ACSAlaska in Anchorage, Mike. So I knew it wasn't you.

    Cynthia: I get TONS o' fun out of chasing SiteMeter hits, especially the googlers that wander by. Some of the stuff they're looking for (a) curls my hair and (b) makes me wonder what they thought they'd find when they clicked through. It takes all kinds, I suppose.

  4. Heh! Funny, man. That sitemeter doesn't log phone numbers, does it?

    'Cause that's one I'd like to have.

  5. First you are all over google; now you are popular with possilbe presidents - you are the coolest!

    My word verification: progism - it goes along with my alliteration above.

  6. Okay, I think I feel a little (or a lot) guilty now. I feel like I went in the department store, was just browsing, but bec. I wasn't buying anything, store security starts following me around!!

    So what you're saying is if we stop by here, you see us??? And if I do just run by here, I best leave a comment, bec. you know I've been here anyway??

    And now you know all my secrets, bec. you can see it all???? Holy mud!! It's all so scary and confusing!!

    Oh, look, a chicken!


  7. Hmm...I may not tell The Oracle about this. He'll start haunting your site all day, everyday on the mere chance that La Palin will be on when he is.

  8. Andy: No phone numbers, dang it. That would be a very useful feature!

    Lou: Heh. But possible polar presidents poop out with Pennington. (Best I could do...)

    Kath: Well, I'd have to know where you were to begin with before I'd know it was YOU just by looking at SiteMeter. And even then I couldn't be sure... especially if you live in a large metro area. And as far as secrets go, I'm the Sgt. Schultz of blogging... "I know nuzzing... I saw nuzzing!"

    Kris: Heh. Is The Oracle another Palinista?

  9. Oh yes, definitely a Palinista. But then so am I so it's a good match.

  10. You're forming an obsession. Quickly.

  11. OMFG! That made me laugh right out loud! Obsession? Moi? Wanna compare the relative frequency of Palin-posts between us, my good man?

  12. Mr. Freeburg projects. That's okay. I'm right there with 'im.

    Palin/Cheney (Liz) in '12. With Leeann Tweeden appointed to FCC.

  13. Bob: It's way too early to even begin thinking about such things... in my book, anyhoo. Our "perpetual campaigning" is growing quite wearisome in these parts.

    I haven't signed on with Miss Alaska yet and the odds are I won't. There's something about her... and I can't quite put my finger on it... that pushes my "beware" button. Daphne comes pretty close to describing my thoughts on her, though.

  14. Guess I'm prolonging the discussion a bit, but I have to say I was annoyed when it was very first announced she was to be McCain's running mate.

    Annoyed because I felt like I was being played. Here ya go, this'll fit the bill, just vote for her now.

    That is politics, right? But it just seemed soooo in your face, so over the top, so obvious. I didn't like the "strategy" much.

    And I was ok (grumble, grumble) with her until she quit on being Governor. I did not like that at all. Very tacky.

    So, yes, I think there's just something not quite --- all there.

  15. Weigh in anytime you like, Kath, on anything you like. This post began as a good-natured jibe at my Blog-Bud Morgan but I should have seen the obvious tangent coming, no?

    I agree with you about that negative "something," as previously stated. It also seems like we're not alone in this regard, either, if one can believe Miss Alaska's poll numbers. Still and even... we're a looong way away from primary season, which will be interesting as all get-out... once the time comes.

  16. Buck, I always trust my wife's instincts. ALWAYS! I like Sarah, and so does she. But there is just "something" that I have also had a hard time putting my finger on.

    The other day my wife and I were talking about Palin.

    Pam's thinking went something like this:

    Palin's "defensiveness" is off-putting in someone that you want to be your leader. Men and women process questions, and situations differently (as we all know). Women are more often likely to read something into a question, or a suggestion, than men are. And that "something" is, "You're a stupid woman."

    This sets them up to be naturally more defensive, and petty than men. Especially when they are being challenged by "another stupid woman" who sees herself as superior (Katie, Oprah, etc.).

    It is the rare woman that can resist the temptation to become a "victim." Men are much less likely to take a challenge "personally," and speak directly to the issue.

    Basically, she said that men can blow things off much easier than women. And, until Sarah can drop the whining, poor pitiful Pearl thing, she will not be attractive to her as a "leader."

    That's the take of one Republican woman on Sarah. (I am not a Republican btw, but she is) Loves her! Not ready to get behind her, yet.

  17. Andy: Thanks for this. Pam is a wise woman and her theory about the "something" works pretty well for me.

    There's an interesting contrast in the way various politicians handle criticism, isn't there? Dubya let it ALL roll right off his back... maybe even too much... The Won gets in a snit occasionally and Palin apparently took too much of the pounding she got to heart. In the end I prefer Dubya's approach over that of the others.

  18. People better buckle up tight for the Palin Ride - she is not adored by a great many conservatives - and, I am one of them. I don't like the victim card and she plays it way too often.
    Just sayin.....


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