Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Abbreviated Saturday Post

Taking advantage of halftime in the Clemson - South Carolina game... Lotsa good football games today and most of 'em are rivalry games which makes for good football, indeed.  I don't have a dog in any of these fights but I will (am!) enjoy the spectacle(s).  I fully expect to be disappointed in the outcome of the one game in which I do have vested interest, although an upset would be nice.  That may be too much to hope for, however.


It won't be ALL football today.  We'll take time out of our busy day to enjoy Happy Hour on the verandah... how could we not?

Especially since the WX is gonna go to Hell tomorrow...

Oh, well.  It IS the end of November, innit?


  1. While it was a quiet day here putting up a few random Christmas decorations it was decidedly UN-quiet outside. The wind has been howling for near 24 hours now. And it's cold - not dead-of-winter cold, but you can feel it and smell it in the air.

    It's coming. :-)

  2. The GGs came over today. I drove them all over the pasture on the four-wheeler with them squealing and laughing. The weather was great here.

  3. I thought you were going to a wine tasting, Kris? CNX because of the weather?

    Lou: Your WX was better than mine. We tried Happy Hour but only managed one beer and half a cigar before we moved things indoors. It was just too chilly, even with a sweatshirt on.


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