Saturday, October 24, 2009

Snippets From the AOR IV

It's Saturday... it's football... it's posting-light. But, that said... this pic graced my in-box this morning:

That would be (left to right) SN1, CMSgt Roznovsky, and CMSgt Lowe... all three of whom are maintainers. The occasion was the Official Opening of a CARE package sent by DIL1. Our troops DO love their boxes from home!


  1. It is the greatest honor to send care packages to our troops.

    Buck - please help us non-mil folks understand - what is a "maintainer"?

  2. Maintainers are maintenance guys, Kris... in this instance guys who work on the airplanes and "keep 'em flyin'." Buck is a maintenance officer by trade, and a former enlisted maintenance guy, as well... which contributes in no small part to his success in his current job...IMHO. The Chiefs in the pic are senior enlisted maintenance guys and are part of the maintenance management team. Is that enough? If it ain't... I have more! :p

  3. "in this instance guys who work on the airplanes"

    Don't forget the bombs! I.Y.A.A.Y.A.S.

    Speaking of which, I spy a pocket rocket on Chief Lowe's uniform...has he spent any time with Ammo?

    "and a former enlisted maintenance guy, as well... which contributes in no small part to his success in his current job...IMHO."

    That's the truth. They don't teach officers much in regards to the actual nuts and bolts of the work in tech school, at least not on the Muns side of things. We aren't doing the work, but it helps a helluva lot to have an understanding of what's going on. I'm fortunate that my boss is prior enlisted so he's got me working in each shop for my first month or so up here to get an idea of what they do. Without that I think I'd be even more lost than I already am. Plus it gets me out of the office, which is always a plus. Got up close with both the Raptors and Eagles the past week doing a chaff/flare refrag and a recon on the flightline with Line-D.

    Also, I don't think Chief Roznovsky is a real Chief...Chiefs don't smile. :-p

  4. Speaking of which, I spy a pocket rocket on Chief Lowe's uniform...has he spent any time with Ammo?

    Good eye, Mike... I asked Buck the same thing. And yep, the Chief IS Ammo... he's the EMXS Chief (Buck and Chief Roznovsky are AMXS). The strange thing: back in my day the ammo guys didn't get the pocket rocket, it was reserved for the ICBM guys.

    And Hey!... some chiefs DO smile. Not often, of course. :p

  5. AFAIK it's not automatic for Ammo's only for those who have done time as an ICBM maintainer or (I think) worked on the ALCM/CALCM, so for example I won't get one unless I transition and do a broadening tour as an ICBM MX officer. I'm not entirely sure what the cross-flow opportunities are...officer wise, it's possible (but not common) to go from conventional to ICBM; enlisted wise I'm not sure if Ammo folks commonly do a tour outside the career field working with ICBMs (I kind of doubt it, since that's a separate AFSC; 2M0 vice 2W0) or if they get it from working with the ALCM/CALCM, but I have seen a fair amount of Ammo troops walking around with a pocket rocket. SN1 might be able to shed some light on the matter...

  6. And I'll defer to Buck for any answers that might be forthcoming... this ol' dude is WAY out of his element here, as I never had much to do with the "real" Air Force, i.e., aircraft, flightlines, and all that stuff. :D

  7. "as I never had much to do with the "real" Air Force, i.e., aircraft, flightlines, and all that stuff. :D"

    Haha, I recall you saying something earlier to the effect that you were at one base that had an actual runway your entire career...or something like that.

    It's alright, the sound of freedom is great when you're out working in the MSA, not so much when you're trying to listen to a presentation in a building near the departure end of the runway.

  8. Mike, you'll get your pocket rocket. I have a bunch of 21M friends (SHHHH...don't tell anyone!) and they all have it. Usually they got it as a 1LT if I remember correctly. I'm pretty sure it goes like this: When you're fully qualified (21M3 vs. 21M1) you'll be authorized to wear it.

    As for Chief Roz...well I can't wait to tell him that! Let's pray he never finds you! LOL...

    We sure did enjoy opening that box...and will enjoy the wonderfullness inside for many weeks to come!


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  9. more thing:


    If you ain't AMMO...YOU'RE WAITING ON THEM!!

    Sorry...too easy!



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  10. I love it when you guys talk Air Force - It is very enlightening. It makes thoughts like "Hmm, Lowe is kind of cute; wonder if he is married" seem kind of silly.

  11. Thanks for the knowledge, My Son!

    So... not to flog a dead horse... but I'm surprised to see The Wiki has a rather extensive article on the pocket rocket. USAF awarding it to BB Stackers is a REAL recent thing, too, so I don't feel so bad about being completely out of the loop.

    And Mike... I really was stationed at only one base with an active runway during my career: Yokota (if you don't count tech school at Keesler). And that was trash-haulers, besides. :p

    Lou: They're good at talking shop, ain't they? :D

  12. GREAT photo. God bless them

  13. I love it when you guys talk in code...I don't understand what you are saying half the time and for some odd reason I find that very enjoyable.

    Thanx for the info on Maintainers (and all the other stuff...). Always great to get edumicated by friends!

    Got another question - CMSgt Lowe has a sidearm, as does Buck. The one on Lowe looks like it could be a Beretta 92FS. Is it? This is more than armchair curiosity now cuz I have one - the Inox version. Just wanting to know if I'm cool like them - or is it their uniforms???

    Cuz a man in uniform is always - lovely.

  14. Kris: The official sidearm is the Beretta M9, and has been for 20 years. It's basically a 92F.

    A couple of years ago the AF requested funding to buy new .45 cal sidearms but I don't think that went anywhere... Buck?

  15. "IYAAYAS:

    If you ain't AMMO...YOU'RE WAITING ON THEM!!"

    Ha ha ha...when I went out with Line-D to do a chaff/flare refrag, guess who we had to spend the better part of a half hour waiting on? Yes, that's right, the g***amned toads.

    (Of course, the fact that we were about an hour late going out to do the end of week recon is just an unavoidable scheduling mishap, not our fault at all. ;-))

    That's cool about the pocket rocket, it is a pretty sweet piece of uniform bling. It's about the only thing we were jealous of the ICBM shredout guys for at tech school.

    Given my luck with the AF and the internet, I'll probably end up with Chief Roznovsky at my next duty station...probably as my flight chief. Nevermind that he's aircraft, it'll just somehow happen.

    Re: the service handgun, there were actually originally two separate procurement programs, both started to procure a new handgun. The only real hard and fast requirement in both programs was that it be chambered in .45 ACP. One program was started by USSOCOM and the other by the Air Force. While it may seem surprising that the AF started a handgun procurement program, a little known fact is that the AF was the original lead agency on the program that led to procuring the M9. (So everyone that despises the M9, including myself, has the AF to blame). Anyway, since both programs were pretty much after the same thing (a semi-automatic handgun in .45 ACP with bulletproof durability/reliability and a reasonably high capacity) the programs were merged. Unfortunately, the program has kind of become stuck in limbo. Fighting 2 wars (not to mention the fact that the AF is frickin' broke) tends to remove desire for such luxury items as a new handgun.

    My personal opinion, the only gun we need is one coming up on its 100th anniversary, designed by God (aka John Moses Browning).

  16. Should add, I'll be happy to answer any questions about the talking shop...I may not be experienced, but I have gone to tech school and I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, so I know just enough to be dangerous (as it should be with a lieutenant, right? ;-))

  17. ... it is a pretty sweet piece of uniform bling.

    Heh. DON'T get me started on the "get off my lawn!" rants. Every-frickin'-body has SOME form of bling these days... ;-)

    re: the 1911. Didn't I read somewhere that there was a proposal to bring it back? Reliable as a brick, reasonably cheap, "standard" ammunition, unparalleled stopping power. And it's being used by some SpecOps units and a LOT of cops. What's NOT to like?

  18. Well...where do I start? Load toads? Yea...some crazy requirement that there's always three of them. One probably had a phone call and the other two are physically unable to depart his presence without experiencing some sort of body-rending affliction!
    As for the bling...Um...well...I hate to tell you this, but straight out of the KDAB Community Standards Guide (and why is it in there?):
    2.5. Medals. Unless already awarded, all Airmen will receive three decorations for their service in Afghanistan: 1) the NATO medal, (2) the Afghanistan Campaign Medal, and (3) the Expeditionary Service Medal with gold border, which signifies combat operations.

    Field Goal! 3 Medals! If you do a great job, maybe 4!

    I know...don't get you started...


    As for the sidearm...I sure do miss my old .45! I'm better than proficient with the 9mm (expert everytime so far!)...but you have to be. If you're going to stop someone with it, you'd better be able to hit 'em twice, quickly!




    What I do...I regalat! (Pronounced REGULATE!)

  19. Ah - I was right about the Beretta.

    I confess, I love my Inox though I hate the sites on it. HATE them with a passion. They are red on a brushed stainless steel slide - higly impractical IMO. Can't see them at all, which is not a good thing. I've tried painting them with other site colors but they just don't work.

    Other than that - I think it's a great gun. Then again, I'm not using it for anything but range target shooting.

    And the 1911 - ah yes, monster of a gun and a dream to handle. My hubby has a Kimber; amazing piece of equipment for sure.

    Sorry Buck - didn't mean to turn this into a post about guns.

    Word verification: lesse - as in les'se what other trouble I can get into...

  20. Buck sez: Field Goal! 3 Medals! If you do a great job, maybe 4!

    I'm thinking at least four, in your case. Coz I'm seeing a lot of "being there" Bronze Stars comin' out of The Af these days. I don't begrudge you (and your compatriots) those things... it's just different these days. See: "get off my lawn!" :p

    Kris sez: Sorry Buck - didn't mean to turn this into a post about guns.

    Hey... that's OK. Srsly. We LOVE the dialog, and that's no joke.

  21. Sorry about the late response, only have internet when I steal some wifi from Starbucks or the connectivity at home till December. And even then its DSL. #&*%^#!!!!

    Hahaha, that's still true about the toads. When we were waiting on them there were two teams working towards each other from opposite ends of the row of aircraft...both teams had three members.

    Got an answer on the pocket rocket (on the enlisted side, anyway): AMMO troops get it for spending at least a year working in the missile shop (PGM).

    Re: 1911, I don't know if there was a proposal to bring back the 1911 specifically (as you say, a fair amount of "special" folks are using it, particularly in the USMC) but I know that 1911 designs from a couple of manufacturers were in the front running on the procurement projects I described in my earlier post.

    Quick question...what's the best email to reach SN1 at? Got an off-line question I want to shoot his way. You should have my email, so feel free to just shoot it there.


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