Saturday, October 24, 2009

OK, So I Lied

I said blogging would be light but I can't resist posting this, coz it's just too cool for school:

The h/t goes to Blog-Sis Alison... who falsely claimed in EIP's comments a day or so ago that her blogging mojo had disappeared.  NOT.


  1. I just visited her dirty martini site and I think she's found her bear. Thanks for showing her to me.

  2. Alison IS good, isn't she? I love the girl to death!

  3. She is the bomb! I visit her place daily and feel empty when she skips a day in blogging. This was a great vid! I love the sound track with it!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  4. :D

    Likewise! Glad you liked guys

  5. This is Misery Bear on a date. I swear I wanted to cry!

  6. I never could get your link to work, Alison... The vid comes up, but it's overlaid with a message that sez "this content isn't working... try back later." Well, I kept trying... and trying... and trying... Dang.


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