Thursday, October 29, 2009

Right Now...

Well... a few minutes ago, anyhoo.  Something we rarely do: Indoor Happy Hour.


Note that we've got a start on the Annual Winter Facial Hair, too.  Just sumthin' we do... every year.


  1. Well, sir, your dedication is an inspiration, and I shall have a beer meself.

  2. My dad used to grow his beard in the summer, since he was a teacher and off in the summers.

  3. Adapt and overcome, weather be damned! That beer looks mighty tasty. Like Andy, I do believe I'll join you.

  4. Now don't you feel better after just one little H.Hr. indulgence? Monitor and adjust -- winter's a'comin'!!

    8 - 10" of rain in Little Rock expected -- fortunately the girls got away from town in time to get in front of the bad stuff. I hope. Driving in a deluge is never fun.

    Maybe tomorrow will give you an outdoor H.HR.!

  5. Belated Happy happy hour. Happy Friday too. Hurray it's Friday!!! What a week.

  6. Andy and BR:

    "Party of three?"

    "Naw, we're just headed for the bar..."

    Lou: I used to grow a beard while on leave in the way, way-back. Just long enough to get one going and then have to shave it off.

    Moogie: I'm gettin' my mind right! And... Dang! That's a LOT o' rain! It's a good thing the girls are comin' down your way, otherwise there ain't enough time to build that ark!

    Alison: Happy Friday to you! My week was fairly normal... they don't change a lot these days!

  7. All my friends used to do no-shave November back in school...the "justification" for it was that we were trying to look as run down as possible so as to garner sympathy from the relatives when we were home for Thanksgiving. Really it was just an excuse to grow a beard. Unfortunately I was never able to join in the fun due to AFROTC.

    Still can't now, but at least I can do Mustache March if I so desire.

  8. Mike: The very FIRST thing I did when I retired was throw away my razor. And then I went to work for EDS, where beards were taboo... and they remained that way for ten years.


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