Monday, October 19, 2009


A friend sends along a link to this...

...and the tone... NOT the content... sounds strangely familiar.


  1. Wow - wouldn't you like to speak cat just once?

    Or...maybe not.

  2. Oh, man. I turned up the volume. In virtually no time, BOTH of my cats were flanking the computer and staring wide eyed all over the living room. They checked the doors, the shut windows and the partially open window and stared at each other. For a moment I thought they might start their own battle. Glad it ended when it did and I am in the dog house for daring to laugh at them.
    (And I'm going to play it again, later.) Loved the cat comments.

  3. That black cat looks like my Bad Cat. He might not talk much, but he will kick some kitty butt.

  4. Kris: I'm thinking "maybe not!"

    Cat: Maybe you got off lucky with your cats, no? I expected to see the orange cat in the vid jump the black one before it was all over...

    Lou: From what I've read about your black cat I'd have to agree.

  5. "I hunted Rats for you!" -- Yea, that was my bitch for sure.

    OK, OK, I ate the rats, even though you nuked them so even a diabetic could never find enough insulin to process the turds.

    The empty wine bottle in the rack! Yea, thanks for that. Meow all you want, and don't let the door hit you in the ass.

    I love you...

  6. You crack me up, Anon! You should put a name with these comments... you do have that option, yanno? I say that only because a certain "other" also comments in these parts as "Anonymous," but I have a good ideer you ain't she. :P

  7. But if I say who I am, she'll kill me (smile). Henry in Dallas.


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