Monday, October 19, 2009

Cheesy Videos XV... Or: I Need a Video Capture Card

What we're watching this evening:

That would be a lil over two minutes of the 2009 Isle of Man TT, and more specifically the Super Sport race. The video is just TOO damned cool in high-def... it's almost like being there, and I kid thee not.  There are on-board cameras giving you the racer's eye view, aerial shots from helicopters, and roadside views... and it's ALL amazing stuff, this!

So... what we're watching: The IoM TT lasts a whole week in June of each and every year and there is racing on alternate days during TT week. I went for the entire week in 1982 and that was my PEAK motorcycling experience... something I doubt I'll ever be able to match, let alone exceed. If you chased the link above you'll note the reference to "Mad Sunday:"

The future of the TT is always in doubt with regards to the safety, especially "Mad Sunday" when any member of the public can ride the mountain section of the course which is open one way from Ramsey to Douglas.
What The Wiki fails to mention is there are no speed limits on Mad Sunday.  Which means I rode across the top of Mt. Snaefell well in excess of 100 mph... two up... and laughing all the way.  I also rode every inch of the rest of the course while (mostly) observing the posted speed limits, and more than once at that.  And knocked back more than a few pints of Okells while watching the racers speed by, mere feet from where I was enjoying my pint.

Ah, memories.


  1. What a wild ride! Maybe we better not mention that adventure to Jesse.

  2. Watched a little of the TT race on Sunday. Very wicked stuff.

  3. Lou: I'm thinking Jess would LOVE the IoM!

    Small-Tee: I find it amazing that anyone would ride a bike at racing speeds on those roads. Those guys have BIG brass ones.

  4. We had a water bombing range just off the Isle of Man and different pilots in the Wing schemed and killed people to get the 30 day TDY duty to be the "Ranger" on the Island for the range. One guy named John Hentose, a super cool dude from the 91st (who just retired from United) became a living legand by fineagling two tours in 3 years--an almost impossible feat. Most never even got a shot once. It was one of those super exclusive dream assignments so closely fought over that it was one of those "Ya can't go unless you've already been and if you've already been ya can't go again" sort of things.LOL!!

  5. Virgil: I had NO idea we had a range in the Irish Sea. Talk about GREAT duty!


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