Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Sporting News' NHL Player of the Decade: Nicklas Lidstrom"

Nick and the 2008 NHL President's Trophy (Detroit Free Press)

That's the title of an article in The Sporting News... which leads off like this:
We say...

Lidstrom is an anomaly—the first European-born player to win a Conn Smythe (2002) and the only one to captain a Stanley Cup champion ('08). But the Swedish defenseman's accomplishments cannot be trivialized. Twice in this decade—from 2001-03 and 2006-08—the 17-year veteran has three-peated as the winner of the Norris Trophy. In a word: ridiculous.
The numbers say...

Lidstrom: 127 goals, 447 assists, plus-232, six Norris trophies, two Stanley Cups
Brodeur: 356-194-48-23 record, 2.22 goals against average, four Vezina trophies, two Stanley Cups

Brodeur was the runner up for "NHL Player of the Decade," in case you're wondering. There's more at the link.  I'm thinking Lidstrom's trophy case is pretty danged full and is liable to need a significant expansion before he's done.


  1. Buck, Lidstrom is a good pick. I say that not knowing really that much about him, but the second there, well I know a lot about that guy. He beat my Flyers so many times that I hate him. And I guess if we had been playing Lidstrom 8 times a year I would be hating him instead!!

    Well, the Flyers are playing exhibition game against NJ and guess who is in goal!!!

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  2. Jimmy: I obviously know a LOT about Nick, and believe me... he's as good a D-man as any who've ever taken to the ice and mayhap the best, ever. And that ain't just me talkin'... there's some agreement about "best ever."


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