Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Hour... For the Birds

Just a few minutes ago... the birds and I sharing a wee dram (well... me, anyway... the birds were just there to chirp amongst themselves):

There were tons more on the wire before I went and got the camera... click for larger, as always.


  1. It seems that lots of birds are a sign of snow coming soon - old wives' tale.

  2. re: snow. Dang... I sure HOPE not!

  3. The photos are stunning! Great use of the rule of thirds :D Im going to take one as my Autumn screensaver :)

  4. Thanks, Alison... that's high praise coming from someone as accomplished as yourself!

    I only wish I had turned around immediately to fetch the camera when I first stepped outside... as there were probably twice the number of birds on the wires at that time. (sigh)

  5. Yep -- birds are fickle.

    Those are still some awfully pretty pics.


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