Thursday, September 17, 2009


I don't read the HuffPo... I got this via a Tweet from Greg Wyshynski... a hockey blogger I follow:
Legendary New York broadcaster Ernie Anastos had a momentary lapse of reason Wednesday night when he dropped the F-bomb live on TV.

During some playful banter with local weatherman Nick Gregory, Anastos complimented Gregory, or at least attempted to, by saying, "It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, Nick."

Looking confused, Gregory responded, "I guess that's me."

Without missing a beat, Anastos continued, "Keep f***ing that chicken," a completely bewildering phrase that made co-anchor Dari Alexander's eyes bug out of her head. Gregory, for his part, just threw his hands up and shook his head.

And now... the vid:

And this:  "wyshynski: Can't. Stop. Watching. Ernie Anastos "chicken" video, if only for this reaction (pic)..."

Heh.  Those eyes!


  1. "Keep f***ing that chicken"

    Somebody pleae explain WTF that is suppose to mean.

  2. Your guess is as good as mine, tim. I posted this for Dari's eyes. Like everyone else who's seen this... I have NO idea what Anastos is on about.

  3. Ditto what Tim said. I can't wait until I can get somewhere that I can watch that video.

    Buck, I was just thinking to myself that you seem to be awfully quiet concerning the already underway (sort of) hockey season. I suppose we'll be changing that come about 1 October, no?

  4. Andy: All I'm getting about hockey at this moment is from the blogs... and aside from you, me, and Jimmy T (Alliteration R Us)... no one really cares. But yeah, you're right. Once the season begins I'll post. And you can expect to see pics of Joe's number being raised to the roof of the Pepsi Center... for starters.

  5. Holy... What was the upshoot? Was he canned? Reprimanded? Made to apologize? And, also, did they ever get her eyes back into her head? :-)

  6. It just happened late last night, Jim. I'm not sure about the fallout, but doubtless there will be SOMETHING.

  7. Mercy. I've heard of choking one's chicken, but . . . .

  8. That has to be a refrence to Purdue chicken and I guess the rumor that they really did 'love' their chickens over there!!

    On Hockey, dang if the Flyers didn't go and loose to those Red Wings in an exhibition game. Nothing counts this time of year anyway. Should be an interesting season long about March.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  9. I guess the age old question at the station was; Why did the Weatherman cross the road?

    Because his p3nis was in the chicken.

    Very unprofessional conduct. Every mike is hot.

  10. Heh!! Just...heh...

    It was worth it just to see the look on the lady's face.

  11. my new favorite phrase... just need to find the proper context in which to use it ;)

  12. Susan, there is no "proper context" since nobody knows what the hell it means. Go ahead, fire away, perplexed looks will follow.

  13. Moogie and Lou: Strange, eh?

    Jimmy T: Purdue chicken? Must be a local thing... I didn't know chickens could be Boilermakers! :D

    Darryl: Unprofessional, indeed.

    BR: Yeah, the look on Dari's face was priceless! Like my Bud Wysh... I couldn't sop watching that stupid vid, just to see her eyes bug out.

    Susan: Heh. I'll bet Stuntman will do a double-take the first time he hears THAT. ;-)

    tim: Well, I think there MIGHT be context... in that you wouldn't say it at particularly happy times... or at funerals, no?

  14. LOL ..her face! Classic

    I had no idea you meant the news presenter. I was waiting for it to be a hockey dude.

  15. Daphne: Yeah... it was. I must have watched this stupid thing 20 times yesterday and laughed my ass off each time.

    Alison: Yep.. it's Ms. Alexander's face that makes this... totally.


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