Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cheesy Videos XIV - Drainage, or Lack of Same

Just a lil trip out and about in P-Ville on a rainy day, the purpose of which is to illustrate the fact Portales has no storm sewers or a drainage system of any sort... other than our streets.

Sorry about the shakiness of the video. The roads in these parts are rough, the video camera is small, and I was mostly preoccupied with my driving. But... this should give you a flavor of the high entertainment value that comes from driving around town on a rainy day... but not on a mo'sickle.


  1. Always interesting to stop by and see what you've been up to... I always enjoy the commentary, but especially enjoyed Van today. I have not listened to that album in quite some time.


  2. LOL, Buck. Listening to you sing along with Van makes me think you and I ought to take a road trip together....anywhere....."let dogs run free," as an old Dylan song says. :)

    PS: A lot of people don't realize desert areas are most dangerous flash flood areas in world due to rapid run-off effects. People drown in Phoenix area (only city out you're way that ever makes nat news) practically every time it rains hard....

  3. It all flows to 18th Street, and thence east.

  4. Sam: "Street Choir" lives in the car. :D

    VX: There IS a road trip in my immediate future. I just haven't decided where yet. And yeah... flash floods are killers. Every rainstorm we get brings the same warning from the NWS...

    Gordon: I thought I shot a vid of 18th street yesterday, but I didn't mash the record button hard enough, apparently. I didn't feel like turning around and making another trip downriver, LOL!

  5. Have you seen Lubbock after a hard rain??

    We used to sit in the garage, open the door and watch the cars float by. (And that is just a slight exaggeration).

  6. I wish you had gotten 18th street on there. As an owner of a "big-ass pickup truck", it's always fun after a good rain!

    Hey, I saw hubby's Uncle Joe's truck over by McDs in your video. BTW, I wanted to see this vid so bad, I waited 2 hours for it to download to my dino computer with the slowest wireless connection Yucca's got. LOL!

  7. Anon: Nope... never been in Lubbock after a hard rain. Or a light one, either. ;-)

    Jenny: Two hours? Yow!! And then you were probably disappointed, weren't ya? But I am flattered beyond belief that you went to all that trouble. Thank you!

  8. Nope, not disappointed. Thought it was pretty cool seeing good ol' Pville up on the screen. Just too bad I didn't make it to town, I could have been in your movie, too! LOL!

  9. Why I find this entertaining could require a lifetime on analysis - so I just am going to enjoy!

  10. Jenny: Ya made my day!!

    Cynthia: I'm thinking it's the narrator's smooooth voice (and singing!), no? ;-)

  11. I LOVE these videos. Nice to hear you sing. I still think you ought to try out as a radio man you have a great voice.

    They look like lakes, your roads. You have MASSIVE roads in America and very little built up areas. Always amazes me.

  12. Alison: Thanks for the compliment. I did a stint as a volunteer deejay at an Armed Forces Radio outlet in the way-back. It was fun, but it's also over, LOL!

    re: our massive roads. I just wish they'd fix the frickin' potholes!


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