Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The One at the UN

It didn't take me a whole helluva lot of googling to find a negative review of The One's efforts this morning in New Yawk, but I did have to wade through quite a bit of leg-tingling prose. That said, here's Nile Gardiner, writing in The Telegraph (UK):

Was this though Obama’s most naïve speech ever? It is a very strong candidate, but I think there is intense competition for that accolade. The president’s speeches in Cairo, Strasbourg and Prague would all vie for that title. Still, his address today will go down in history as one of the weakest major addresses by a US president on foreign policy in a generation, by a leader who seems embarrassed, even ashamed, by the power and greatness of his own country.
This was an exceedingly dull, poor speech that overwhelmingly failed to advance US interests on the world stage, or project American values and principles onto the rest of the globe. As Barack Obama will eventually discover, soft power will only get you so far when you have to confront and defeat brutal enemies that seek America’s destruction.

Did I watch the speech? Not only "no," but HELL no. I'm beyond tired of listening to Obama... I'm sick-to-frickin'-DEATH of him. I just wish there was some way I could put myself in a state of suspended (political) animation for the next three-plus years. I believe I wrote in this space... once upon a time... that America is strong enough to survive four years of this sort of world-class incompetence and naïvete. I'm not so sure now.  We all have a LOT of praying to do.

(photo: Reuters)

Update, 20 minutes later: I went off googling on my own to find fodder for the above, rather than consult the usual source. About which, this:

Heh. There's more realism there than you can shake a stick at... chase the "usual source" link above.  Mr. Crittenden is particularly good.


  1. I must have already turned off my political thinking skills, 'cause I didn't even know about his speech.

    Although, I did get into an arguement with someone about illegals taking jobs away from Americans. I believe my point was that as long as we were paying Americans not to work, why would we care if illegal immigrants did the work for less money. I'm sure I came across as a smart-a

  2. I'm scared.

    Before Obama's crap weak speech there were a whole host of utter mentalists up on stage and these Thugs in Chief represent the pinnacle of global leadership.

    As I said. I feel scared.

  3. Whenever His Worshipfulness gives a speech, there are all these vital elements to it:

    1. "Let Me Be Clear"
    2. The speech is hailed from all kinds of quarters as being the Best Speech Ever, from anyone, anywhere, anytime...including His last speech
    3. We are going to meet our responsibilities
    4. My personal favorite: There's a bunch of stuff I'm doing that I simply can't be doing anymore.

    As reliable as a spitball, when you shoot it straight up.

  4. Lou: I find it hard to believe you would EVER come across as a smart-ass. But that's just me, I suppose.

    Alison: I'm scared, too. The One's incredible naivete is just astounding. And life-threatening, too.

    Morgan: I don't quite get your pont Number Four, but other than that? Yup.

  5. Just listen to Him. We can't be doing this...we can't be doing's subtle, but it's always there.

    Most memorable in "We can't be turning our thermostats to 72 degrees."

    Not a very likely pattern for someone whose slogan is supposed to be "YES WE CAN," izzit?

  6. Like you, Buck, I did not listen, nor will I. I've had enough of the man. Not surprised that his speech was weak, though.

    The man is going to be a disaster of a President, perhaps surpassing even J. Carter. I fear for my country.

  7. I'm with all of you - fearful for our futures. I did listen to part of the speech live today - he is a nightmare.

  8. More on this subject here.

    He can do whatever He wants as far as giving these speeches about Himself, and our "meeting responsibilities" as He defines them, and Let Him Be Clear, the rest of us having to stop doing things. He can do that up to, and past, the point where we're all sick and tired of listening to Him doing it...*if* people are bullied and intimidated from discussing how much He's overdoing it. If you have to lap it all up and beg for seconds in order not to be a racist, then folks we've seen the entire four years already. What follows is just more of the same.

    "Aren't I Wonderful," "Let Me Be Clear," "We Will Meet Our Responsibilities" and "We Can't Go On Doing (X)". For everything.

    Cat stuck in tree, Al Qaeda bombing something again, air traffic controllers on strike, gas $6 a gallon, somebody's male member caught in a zipper...the solution to the problem is always yet another "Best Speech Ever." Show your disgust, and maybe the situation will change. It worked this summer. Probably saved millions of lives by stopping the so-called "reform" in its tracks.


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