Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today's skyscape...

Dunno why... but these puffy, slow-moving and kinda-sorta ponderous clouds make me think of dinosaurs. And I'm only on my first beer.  And now back outside to continue as we've begun...


  1. Lou: The pics don't do justice to the reality... which is always the case, no?

    Alison: You and me both!

  2. I wish I was watching the clouds roll by with a beer in hand...

  3. The last time I was in that part of the west, I walked out of the Denver terminal and looked at the sky.

    "The Clouds Look Right!"

    There's something about those high-based fair-weather cumulus. You only see them in the high plains. I grew up with them, and the ones you get in Minnesota just don't look right.

  4. Gordon: I hear ya. One other place I used to spend a LOT of time looking at the sky was up in NoDak/Montana... which had the very same sorts of skyscapes. Just awesome stuff.


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