Monday, September 21, 2009

Lordy... What a GREAT Day!

Ah... it's SUCH a beautiful day outside. Those bright crystal-clear blue New Mexico skies I've been missing for so long have returned, the temps are moderate (low 80s), and there's a sweet soft breeze blowing. I'm just in from running the day's errands... whereupon I was most fortunate to encounter the lovely Jenny in Wally-World... I've put the awning down, broke out a couple of Grateful Dead bootleg CDs, thrown the windows wide open, and am getting ready to see how a couple o' Blue Moons mix with the re-supply of Tylenol Cold and Flu (which has stanched the flow out of my head and soothed my still-scratchy throat). Everything is done and I have no reason to be back out on the road today... so it's "do your worst."

Or best, as the case might be. I hope your day is half as good as mine, Gentle Reader.


  1. There is no sky like a blue NM sky! Glad to know you are feeling better.

  2. Glad you're up and about and ready for Happy Hour! Have one for me -- I'm still waiting for late-October/early November to see those skies!

    On the other hand, I found the set screw for the kitchen-bathroom door that's been MIA for quite awhile -- it was halfway across the house, in the entry. I think the ghost has recruited a playmate!

  3. Was wonderful seeing you as well!! And if I hadn't already had a full day in store of getting the groceries, getting feed for our beef calf, picking up kids from school and volleyball practice, I may have followed you back for a Happy Hour beer!

    Hope the cold and sore throat go away soon. We've had a stomach bug going around in our house. Everyone but Shelby and I have been hit in the last 5 days, but just a matter of time.

  4. That does sound like a hell of a - wait, Grateful Dead? Nevermind. Enjoy the beer and the weather!

  5. Yup... yesterday was good, right up until 1730 or so... when all Hell broke loose. I'm glad we did Happy Hour early. :D

    Lou: We're better, but we ain't whole... yet.

    Moogie: I had one for ya, mebbe two. :D

    Jenny: The bar is usually open, so drop on by when ya can!

    Andy: What's wrong with the Dead? "Sugar Magnolia" is about as happy a song as you'll EVER hear (good beer-drinkin' music, in other words), and there are many more where that came from!

  6. I never got much into the Dead. And I can't drink beer anymore. But I'd still go for happy hour.

  7. Darryl: It WAS a good day, as noted.

    Gordon: You're most welcome at Happy Hour... anytime!


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