Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"I Pledge..."

... to fight asshats who make videos like this and force them upon unsuspecting and susceptible schoolchildren tooth and frickin' NAIL.

So... if you watched this abomination all the way to the end, you'll note the vid ends by asking "What's YOUR pledge?"  Well, ya got mine.  Now GET OFF MY FRICKIN' LAWN!

(h/t: the rarely quoted... in these parts... bomb-throwing Michelle Malkin.  But she's right on this one.  RTWT.)


  1. I pledge - to not spend my hard earned money to support any of the people in this video.

  2. Kind of reminds me of some sort of new world order video.

  3. Towards the end..."I pledge to be a servant to my President", well WTF, weren't they pledging to end slavery as well? Too bad, all those pretty faces with mush for brains. Nothing more unappetizing in a person then looks coupled to stupid.

    BT: Jimmy T sends.

  4. Holy leapin' lizards and what the freakin' pluperfect hell was THAT?!?!?!?!

    "I pledge to be a servant" to the president?!?! What ARE these people thinking?!?!?!?! (well, never mind -- I suppose "thinking" is the operative word in that observation.)

    And, what were they thinking during any previous administration when ALL those wonderful things they pledged to accomplish WERE BEING accomplished by the PRIVATE SECTOR?!?!?!?!?!?!? Without being "organized" by ACORN or any other PAID AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE pork-slurper?!?!?!?!

    I do believe you touched a nerve, Buck. I'm probably gonna have to steal this after I get my blood pressure under control.

    And my husband must never, NEVER see this! He'd destroy the monitor and/or tv screen before he stroked out.

  5. They're just working their fingers to the bone at doing what they do to make their livelihood. Which, unfortunately, is to be as cute and adorable as possible. That's why if you had the opportunity to interview each one about what they know about the issues, you'd come away with a whole new definition of disappointment.

    Liberal Dimwit Terrace Number Two
    What I Call Them: Cutie-Pies.
    What They Cannot Understand: Some Cute Things Are Wrong.
    What They Want to Prove About Themselves: They’re cute.
    How to Spot Them: All the things they own, from cars, to furniture, to the stuffed animals on their beds, to their pens, notebooks, and party invitations they hand out, are cute, sassy, round wherever possible, and purple.
    Where They Go Astray: They start to systematically buy into any and all ideas that can be articulated or displayed more concisely and adorably than their opposites.

    Now on a slightly different subject...this video has been around awhile, has it not?

  6. Kris: It's a function of my pop cultural illiteracy that I couldn't name ONE person in that video. Or perhaps it's a Badge of Honor. :D

    Lou: More like "New World Odor."

    Jimmy: Yeah, stupid is the worst sort of ugly.

    Moogie: If you do steal it... make sure you keep it under wraps. We don't want any medical emergencies Chez Moogie!

    Morgan sez: Now on a slightly different subject...this video has been around awhile, has it not?

    Yep... since January of this year. But it's gotten new life of late, seeing as how it's #5 on this week's ViralVids chart.

  7. Well, I never saw this liberal touchy feely piece of psychobabble crap before, so thanks for posting, Buck. It's maddening to watch but important to know what we're facing. Like some of you, I also nearly gagged when I saw "I pledge to be a servant to the president."
    What's my pledge? NONE OF THEIR DAMNED BUSINESS.

  8. That sits somewhere between cathechism and communism. It is the most frightening piece of flat out propaganda I have ever seen. The fact that none of these people even give a shit about any of what they are pledging while guilt tripping and propagadnising the little person? You have got to be kidding me. All those sweet little ideas nestled in among the "aww its lonely to be President so dont boo him. Poor pwoor Obama taking all these big fat hairy decisions on his own". Man up Obama and sell your ideas on merit not thru hotshot dipshit celebretards.

    Burn Hollywood Burn.

  9. Yup. Saw that piece of idiocy on another blog a couple of weeks back. I had almost forgotten about it by now, but here you are dragging its sorry ass back from the bowels of my memory. Thanks a lot, Buck.

    What a nation of dipshits we'd have if some folks had their way.

  10. To sell a culture of intelligence instead of ignorance...

    Where's the "culture of ignorance" he's talking about. Not to mention that intelligence is not the opposite of ignorance.

    You can be the most intelligent person in the world, but if you are ignorant of, or for some reason choose to ignore -- facts ... actual knowledge -- you just get a bunch of well-worded fluff.

    Wait ...

    Isn't that what we just got?

  11. Is it just me, or was especially the ending of that really creepy and spooky?

    Be the change - in a unison chant, as a little piece of Barack Obama, One President, forever, and ever, amen.

    My pledge? I pledge to defend my ideals with facts and knowledge, to speak up when people mindlessly repeat what they've been instructed to believe by the (self) Anointed amonst us. To let them know that view is not a concensus view, and that there are intelligent arguments that refute what they believe.

    I pledge to do it calmly, and politely, and let them be the ones who fly off the handle -- or change their minds.

    I pledge to fight asshattery.

  12. My vote for the creepiest guy was the one who kissed his bicpes chanting "Barack ..... Obama...."


  13. Yeah, creepy. That would be Anthony Kiedis, and yes, he is very creepy.

    I also like the actress who pledges not to use as much plastic, but has about 20lbs in her chest and face.

  14. Put me with Kris.

    I keep thinking of the end of "Cabaret", where the creepy Hitler Youth sings about the future, "Belongs to me".


  16. All: Yup... "creepy" seems to be the general feeling on the Right side of the 'sphere. I'm with that.


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