Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apologists For Evil

That inimitable Brit Pat Condell in a superb rant against "Lefty Liberal Multicultural Appeasement Monkeys:"

His sub-points include things like "words matter," "burqas suck" and Western Culture is worth defending. Mr. Condell and I don't agree on everything, such as the fact he's an adamant atheist and I'm not, but we agree on everything he says in the video above.

In related news...

Adulterers can be stoned to death and homosexuality is punishable by long prison terms under a new law passed in Indonesia's devoutly Muslim Aceh province today.

The regional parliament voted unanimously to adopt the bill despite strong objections from human rights groups and the province's deputy governor, who said the legislation needed more careful consideration because it imposed a new form of capital punishment.

Some members of the moderate Democrat party had voiced reservations, but none voted against the bill.

The law, which reinforces Aceh's already strict Islamic laws, is to go into effect within 30 days. Its passage comes two weeks before a new assembly led by the moderate Aceh party is sworn in after a heavy defeat of conservative parties in local elections.
Now... watch Mr. Condell again.

h/t:  Alison.  I should maybe sub-contract the writing at EIP to her, seeing as how she's given me most of my ideers of late.  (insert smiley-face thingie here)


  1. I don't have nearly your cool style Buck, think your readers may object! But thanks :D

    He's great is our Pat. I'm not an atheist either. In fact I have an issue with hardcore atheists as their hatred gets on my wick but I just loved this piece. All his stuff in fact. Apart from Julie Burchill he is the best antidote to this Islamic crap since forever. Everything in it re Islam and fascism, men, sexual responsibility, rape and the sodding burqa, liberal apologism, the use of the word racism and so on.. sits right for me. On a few levels this past few weeks.

    He is also so accurate in how liberalism has been hijacked by the race relations dweebs and politics has been skewed as a result. He was furious when Islamists insulted our soldiers in Luton earlier this year as was I and it's usually him I turn to for sanity. Things are kicking off here as a result of that insulting our men crap. Bring it on I say. I ain't scared. Reminds me of hearing about the race riots of the 70s and 80s around about the time you guys had issues with LA etc. Same shit. Different 'religion'. Islam here in the West is no religion. It's a death cult and gang mentality for pathetic boys to subscribe to who feel the need to get respect for life when they have never earned it. It's made worse by the fact that they hark from a shithole set of countries in the first place and cannot claim any family pride other than strictures and poverty. 9/11 was the fuel under the tinder to make them feel powerful. We need to stop fueling that power. No more doomongering this country and Europe down which is giving these men a hard on.

    Outside of this country fundamentalist Islam is a crock. A mysoginist death cult stacked with either extreme poverty or $ in oil. I remember thinking that when I was 18 years old and read about the Iranian revolution (world fiasco) and I haven't shifted my opinion since. That's the only reason I support the "green" movement to a degree. I want no more connection with their power over us.

    I hope we succeed in getting Afghanistan under control because they sit next door to Pakistan and its a nuclear power. We have to get that under control. But the idea that they will achieve democracy is wishful thinking. They need an Enlightenment before they can ever achieve democracy. I don't see that happening anytime soon. Unless their women take stock and get a grip but I don't see that happening anytime soon. They are in thrall to their men and their religious tenets. I have nothing but respect for the few feminists I see out there. I tried promoting then once but that makes me a feminist and since everyone hates them, I gave up. But in all seriousness, that will be the spark to their Enlightenment and our future security. As much as I don't want to care about these people, mass immigration and globalisation makes that impossible.

    Seriously? I have and will continue to think twice or more about raising kids in this world. This is what stops me (and drives my mother nuts!).

  2. Oh and since Im on a roll - I went to a demo a few years back. Against the jerks who rolled out all those horrible Islamic signs? We wound up in a confrontation with some "muslims" eg Islamic gangsta youths. I got told to go sit inside the pub in case it all kicked off. I sat there watching the men all square up to each other and a whole bunch of aggro going on. In the end I went back outside and they were all arguing and whatever. I waded into that discussion pretty damn quick, called those tossers for what they are: pathetic little wannabees. Everyone sort of stood back. One of the kids tried to eyeball me from behind his kafiyeh he was using as a face mask so I called his cowardly BS. He had zero clue about his own religion (quickfired some stuff at him on it) In the end I sent them packing with a firm "now fuck off!". And they did :D They're pathetic.

  3. Well now... about that sub-contracting thing: Wanna job? :D

    I love you to DEATH, Girl! Where the Hell were you ten or 20 years ago? (Ah... I'm flattering myself with this sort of fantasy, yanno? :D)

    About your confrontation a couple of years back... I posted on that particular subject, complete with photos nicked from various UK newspapers. I think it was about the Danish cartoon flap, IIRC.

    I was simply appalled at the license given those idjits. But free speech is a double-edged sword, innit? Were I King I'd have had those bastards shot on sight for "inciting a riot," or some such.

  4. Addendum to my last... specifically "Where the Hell were you ten or 20 years ago? (Ah... I'm flattering myself with this sort of fantasy, yanno? :D)"

    20 years ago I was a VERY happily married man and "looking" consisted solely of casting an appreciative glance at a well-turned ankle (or points north) on passing females... and nothing more. Ten years ago I was in (ahem) advanced middle age, hardly a catch for a 20-something or 30-something year old female with other options. Still and even, there was a certain patina that comes with maturity (otherwise known as "rust") and I did have the wherewithal to court suitable women... and that probably counts for something, although I honestly don't know what that would be. Nonetheless: clarification, even if unneeded or unasked for. :D

  5. What else to say, but, ditto to the Islamo-testosterone thing. And near impossibility of Enlightenment.

    Male adulterers will be subject to the death penalty as well as women? I'm doubtin' that.

  6. Thank you Buck. Im flattered. Of COURSE it counts for something. My confidence for one thing! You're one smart wonderful gent and that all stands very much to complete reason re you and women.

    As for the demos you refer to, one of the reasons I guessed they left those demos and didn't arrest anyone is because I suspected the police wanted more evidence of people they were already tracking. Many of those shits were your proper wannabee jihadis. Sure enough I was right too. Not that that ever got publicised much. They prosecuted several of them and I believe tracked a good few more as a result of them congragating.


    Meanwhile I got featured on an Islamophobia website for appearing at the demo. Well my sign/placard did. I wrote "Stop Toonophobia" on it :D

    Cheers Dan

  7. Liked Pat Condell. So much, in fact, that I forwarded this vid to a couple of Arab friends of mine. Just did it this evening so I'm waiting to hear from them.
    Don't panic if I don't post for a couple of days. They were both females.

  8. Moogie sez: Male adulterers will be subject to the death penalty as well as women? I'm doubtin' that.

    Yeah. Me, too. Funny how those SOBs work, innit?

    Alison: Those four asshats who were jailed didn't get NEAR enough time. When you come right down to it, what they really got was an opportunity to proselytize for a few years among a receptive audience. I still think "shoot on sight" is the answer. And Good On Ya for your sign!! :D

    Cat: You should still check in with us once a day, yanno? Female Arabs have male relatives. :D

  9. Im not a big fan of free speech gotta be truthful!

  10. Oh, Alison! Why not, pray tell? It's the "cornerstone of democracy," innit?

  11. It used to be. But culturally I think we are going backwards. Free speech is just something people yell at one another meaning I will swear/yell at you and you will listen. It achieves very little other than providing a useful platform for morons. It doesn't mean what it used to mean. What Voltaire meant it to represent. I guess Im on a downer right now :(


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