Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rather Random

We might hit a milestone late today… EIP’s 100,000th visitor. We’re at 99,941 as of 1038 hrs. Which, of course is significant only to YrHmblScrb. The Big Dogs get that much traffic every day; it’s taken us over three and half years to get this far. Still and even, I remain amazed we have any traffic at all… especially lately.

Thank you, Gentle Readers.


So… I drug out the soapbox a couple of days ago and whined about folks who use Word Verification in their comments. True to form, karma rose up and bit me in the ass last night in the form of a spammer who dropped unintelligible character-based sex-site spam… “SEX” being the only readable word… in 44 separate posts. It took me about a half-hour to kill them all. By hand. Swearing all the while. But I won’t enable Word Verification unless the asshat revisits me.

You’re welcome.


Oh-so-briefly: Here’s the requisite “something happened” mention… 31 years ago today. And I long for the day when this date becomes just another day in the life. Something tells me if it ain’t happened yet… it ain’t gonna happen. And they say most men don’t remember dates. (sigh)


Today’s Pic: In keeping with the above, a random shot of The Second Mrs. Pennington and SN3 taken in Perinton, NY... July, 1998.


  1. Wow -- what a fairy-tale setting for a wedding! And, yes, definitely oh-so-70s (and you know that I know!)! Brown velvet? For real? Still and all, a very handsome couple.

    Here's hoping for #100,000!! (Maybe I'll come visit a few more times to bump up the ol' tracker!)

  2. You know Buck, that date should remain something more than just another block on the calendar. No matter what happened in the ensuing years - it was still a beautiful day in your life.

  3. Moogie: Yeah, it WAS a great day, brown velvet and all. Thanks for chasing that link; I appreciate it.

    Kris: You're right, yanno. The day was special, as were each and every day in the intervening 19 1/2 years. I take comfort in the good memories, while the bad ones tend to fade. Sorta.

  4. What Kris said - some dates should be remembered and the joy that they brought at the time.

  5. Now's probably not the time to brag about my hit counter reaching 10,000 -- is it? My visit to EIP was hit number 100,005! Congrats!

  6. I'm lucky if I remember what today's date is. Congrats on the 100K!

  7. Nice Tux.

    Buck, you still impress me with your nice-ness. You go to inordinate lengths to not cut people out and to extend nothing back but warmth... just like my Mother In Law.

    Maybe it is a photographer thing, same as my Mother in Law.

  8. Lou: I agree. And besides that: I can't forget.

    Bob: 10K is a milestone, too!

    Alison: You and me both... it's a lot harder nowadays when they all seem to run together. The downside of not having any structure in one's life. :D

    Darryl: re: nice-ness. I don't think TSMP shares your POV. Perhaps you could have a word with her? I'm sure she'd have a few, in return. :D

    That said... it's GOOD to know you and your MIL get along. MILs too often get a bad rap.


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