Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Early Fathers Day... Again

Last year along about this time... give or take a couple of weeks... I put up a post about my early Fathers Day gift from me to me. This year history repeats itself. Herewith, this year's Fathers Day gift from me to me:

Explanation... the lens on the left... detached from the camera body... has been the source of the only complaints I've had with my XTi. And about which I said:
I'm still not completely satisfied with this lens' performance, given the images aren't as sharp as one would expect... or perhaps demand... from a camera in this price range. I understand that telephoto lenses generally have a "softer" focus than a "normal" lens. So... it's with that knowledge in mind that I see a new lens in my future... more than likely a "standard" 50mm fixed-focal length lens.
And so it's come to pass. The FedEx guy dropped off my new Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM lens about a half hour ago. Here's the first test shot, in two flavors:

The first pic is a 40% re-size, the second is a full-resolution crop. You can't really tell the difference in quality (i.e., this lens vs. the "old" telephoto zoom) from photos posted on the web, but my initial impressions are that I will be satisfied with this lens. I'll play with this lens a little more in the coming days... after my lens hood and filter arrive from Amazon. I don't like to walk around with a "bare" lens, which is to say without a filter on it to protect the lens glass from dust and such. But you just KNOW, Gentle Reader, that we had to go out for a quick test drive!

I'm actually pleased and surprised that the lens arrived before the other stuff... given as how the lens was purchased from an Amazon partner (OneCall, in Spokane, WA) and the accessories from Amazon themselves. I'm pleased with both the price AND the responsive, rapid service I received from OneCall. Good On 'Em, and all that.


  1. Hey Buck,
    I am looking for a replacement camera for the Sony I lost; What do you think of the Sony DSLR A350?
    (I have sent via sepcorr)

  2. Jesse is wanting a new lens too. Maybe she can get one for Toby on father's day - ha!

  3. Sweet ride.

    I'm hoping for a new camera for our upcoming 31st anniversary. Why do we get better cameras after our kids fly the nest?

  4. Nice, Buck! I love the 50mm, even my cheap 1.8 - have fun!

  5. some of the best gifts i've ever received were those i got for myself!

  6. Man, that first picture is awesome! What camera did you use? (Just kidding.)

    And it looks like you washed the Green Hornet (looks like).

  7. Lou: I know Jesse has been thinking about this for quite some time. Buying a new lens is much worse than buying a car... SO many choices out there!

    Moogie sez: "Why do we get better cameras after our kids fly the nest?"

    I just wish digital photography had come along 20 years earlier (or more. ahem). I had a decent SLR when my oldest were young, but the issue was always dragging it out, making sure there was film in the house, yadda, yadda. Today's kids have to be THE most photographed generation in history!

    Ann: I noticed right off the bat the incredible difference in framing a shot... the 50mm is almost like a short telephoto. This will take a lil getting used to.

    nanc: You and me BOTH! ;D

    Bob: Wash the car? Nah... it rained... and quite hard, at that... night before last.

  8. That's the lense I'm looking at getting! Except, maybe I might go for the cheaper 1.8. Let me know how your's does in low light situations.

  9. I hope you sent yourself a nice thank you note. ;-)

  10. I really like the idea of getting presents for myself.

    Actually, this could apply very well to someone I know. Every time I get her a present she has to return it. If she could just get the present from me, herself, the problem could be fixed.

    But then again, half the fun is trying to be creative in finding out what the other person wants. But hey, if you can't seem to get it right with some people, maybe it's best to just let them get their own present and just pick up the tab.

    Good post.

  11. Doc: I did! (You just read it)

    Daniel: Thanks for dropping by again. The Second Mrs. Pennington was something like the woman you describe... and she DID buy her own presents, LOL! That worked (for a while).

  12. I'm sure the 50mm on that body is a bit like a telephoto with the conversion factor of the smaller sensor. But, the 50 has a great history of being an all around great lens. Looking forward to more photos.

  13. SJ: You're oh-so-right... the 50mm acts EXACTLY like a short telephoto on this body. It's a little surprising and takes some getting used to, but I like the lens.

  14. Very crisp!

    You make me want to spend a huge chunk of change on a camera, but I'm afraid my results would still fairly lousy.

  15. Daphne: I think all it takes is practice to become adequate at photography. But to become really, rilly GOOD is a matter of talent. I don't think I'll ever get there. All that said, a good camera is worth the cost, IMHO.

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