Friday, March 27, 2009

Cheesy Videos V: "It's Just the Normal Noises In Here"

We’re having a bit of a wind event here on The High Plains of New Mexico tonight (33 mph, gusting to 48). I thought it would be interesting (if only to me) to check out the MinoHD’s low-light capabilities and give all y’all a taste of what it’s like to rock ‘n’ roll inside an RV during high winds. The results are a little short of spectacular… or even acceptable… in that the Mino’s mic didn’t quite pick up the sounds of the wind like I hoped it would. But that obviously isn’t stopping me from posting the results… as I have no shame and very little taste. (Watch in HD if'n you have the connection speed to do so.)

The title of the vid (and one part of my lame commentary therein) is a hat-tip to Tom Petty. “Damn the Torpedoes” was in heavy rotation back in Former Happy Days... specifically those in Oregon and Ol’ Blighty... which is where I happened to be when the album hit Number One on the charts (Oregon in '79, England in '80). I spent more than a few minutes listening to selected cuts off this album while waiting… oh-so-patiently… for YouTube to finish processing this vid. Entertaining, that was.


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  2. Hey that wind? We call it "Saturday".

    The Spousal Unit and I watched this video, she says you're bored.

    Damn the Torpedoes was on very heavy rotation back in January of 1980. I think of the barracks at NAS Alameda.

    Keep on truckin'!

  3. We may not have been able to hear the wind, but the subtle movement of the coffee, the calendar and the door are telling. The lighting was great. Your little videos are fun. Now batten down the hatches for the next storm. I hear we are expecting snow.

  4. The wind noise was subtle, but I think that is credit to the Mino - when you filmed outside in the wind, it picked up wind, but it also picked up your voice loud and clear - anyway, it's mic seems to be good at filtering ambient noise.

    And the low light performance fantastic! Interesting to see it adjust as you panned around.

    Hope you are still right side up this a.m.!

  5. DC sez: ...she says you're bored.

    Nah. I'm just easily amused, as always. It's one of my finest qualities... that and being a cheap date.

    Ann: You're right about the Mino and resistance to ambient noise. That is normally a GREAT quality to have, but not so much in this case. I'm VERY impressed with the quality of the engineering that went into this lil thing (and the results that come OUT of it), especially considering its diminutive size and cost. Now if I could only figure out a way to stabilize it while shooting...

    As for "this morning..." it (morning) came just after 1400 hrs. Today has NOT been a nice day in a number of ways, the weather being one of them.

    Lou: We got a considerable amount of freezing rain followed by snow... beginning around 0200 this morning and lasting off and on all day. The accumulation of snow has been in the one to two inch range but the roads are merely wet. And the wind has continued apace. As I mentioned above... NOT a nice day, but perfect for sleeping.

    Thanks for your comment on my lil vids. They ARE fun to make and I was hoping someone would find them fun to watch.

  6. Oh... and Darryl: Forgot to mention, but being stationed at Alameda must have been GREAT. SFO is a pretty expensive town for a junior enlisted kinda guy (ask me how I know), but Yowza! WHAT a great place to be!

  7. Five years!

    Oh, check out the great vid on my blog. That's some real sailin'!

  8. Hah, hah, hah ... you had me chuckling like mad with that ho-made video. I have decided that wind is no different than critters when you want to impress someone; neither will oblige. It is the law.

    But that was okay since I had the window open while viewing the vid and it provided AMPLE wind howl today! I bet you are getting the same right about now.

  9. Lin: Yeah... we had some pretty serious wind yesterday. It wasn't nice outside... at all.

  10. Haven't watched the vid yet ... I'm still mesmerized by your cutting board in the shape of Michigan ...

    Lori, easily enthralled


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