Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yet ANOTHER Reason...

…to dump IE and get Firefox. From The Guardian (UK):

Microsoft is releasing a patch for the flaw in its Internet Explorer browser, which has already lead to the infection of more than 2m computers worldwide. The patch should be available on the Microsoft Update website at 6pm GMT today (ed: that would be 1100 hrs MST).

The flaw, which lets hackers gain access to computers and steal personal data, was spotted last week in IE7. It was subsequently found in earlier versions of Microsoft's browser, IE5 and IE6, and the company has put together a patch for all versions of its browser.

Because IE is used by seven out of every 10 computers in the world, the flaw was potentially very serious and security experts went so far as to suggest that users dump IE and use another browser, such as Firefox.

Yup. And you won’t miss a single thrilling installment posted here at EIP if you switch to Firefox, too. (One should never miss an opportunity to toot one’s own horn, ya know. It’s The American Way.)


  1. Don't know where you got that article Buck, but I doubt the "2million" statement. Sounds like another of those "flamers" complaining that Bill is making money.
    I use IE7 (no add ons) and have yet to suffer from attacks. Seems my other defenses protect it. And, BTW, I love it.

  2. Cat: IE's security flaws are pretty well-documented. But it's not really the flaws themselves (all software is vulnerable, to some extent), it's Microsoft's track record of slow fixes/patches to known exploits that deserves criticism. But Hey! If IE works for you, go with it!

  3. I'm on a Mac and use Safari, occasionally Firefox when I post on my UK blog. I ditched Microsoft a fews back and have never been happier.


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