Friday, December 19, 2008

Feeling Yore Pain

So... while we on The High Plains of New Mexico are dealing with high winds, tumbleweeds, and moderate temps much of America (and not a few of my daily reads, although I'm still in the process of making the rounds and haven't yet begun to visit everyone) is dealing with snow and/or ice... and lots of it.

So... tuning up my best Bubba-voice... "I feel yore pain. Really, I do." (How was that, Gentle Reader?) Here are a couple o' few pics from my snowy past...

The above were shot in Ra-cha-cha, New Yawk. We got something like two feet in that storm. Shit Stuff happens in New Mexico, too. Just last year, as a s'matter of fact:

Soooo... if'n you're part of the impending episode of "The Ice Man Cometh," or if you're recovering from same, I really DO feel yore pain. I'm more than glad I'm not experiencing it, though. (insert smiley-face thingie here)


  1. Is that Miata front wheel drive? If so, she probably did pretty well in that little dustup, eh?

  2. Aiiieee! Andy! Hush yore mouf! (I'm really feeling Clintonian today. Prospective Monica wanna-bees should gimmee a call or drop me a line.)

    Miata's are RWD. I've owned exactly ONE FWD car in my life (a SAAB 9000 and my worst-ever automotive mistake, not counting the Chevette) and will NEVER own another. I HATE FWD!

  3. Oh... and the Miata sat there for three days, if memory serves (a function of my tire choice). It was THE worst bout of cold WX I've experienced here.

  4. I miss the snow. Yes I know what a nuisance it can be. But it is so much fun to play in!

  5. “The above were shot in Ra-cha-cha, New Yawk. We got something like two feet in that storm.”

    Currently in Rochester, NY we’re getting about an inch an hour, with totals suppose to be @ a foot by the time it’s over. Not a big deal, we’re hearty souls here, I’m actually looking forward to the drive home so I can put her in four wheel drive.

    Another storm is due Sunday night into Monday morning and another Christmas Eve.

    The storm you pictured/referenced was probably either ’92 or ’97, both doozies. Oh, the stories…the ’92 one had thunder & lightening, hurricane force winds and the temps plunged to @ 10 degrees. Good times.

  6. Love those wheels, Buck! I like snow but I hate the cold, living up north just about sucked all the life out of me - too gray and miserable for way too many months.

    I've been missing you, sorry I haven't been around got weird and busy.

  7. Sigh...I want snow. ANYTHING would be better than all this darn rain.

  8. It is a white-out right now here in CT. 1" an hour is falling; we have several inches on the ground already and it's supposed to continue thru the night. Total is supposed to be close to 14".

    Thankfully I was able to work from home today - a blessing on days like this.

    I really don't mind the snow - probably because I've spent all my life in New England and I'm used to it.

  9. Ash: If all ya wanna do is play in it, then a road trip is called for... right? ;-)

    tim: I think the photos were taken in January of '99. At least that's what the date stamp on the photos sez, but I'm not sure I trust it... as the photos have been moved from PC to PC over the years. I was there for the storm of '97, btw. Just one of many I remember...

    Hang in there and stay warm!

    Thanks for the car comment, Daphne. I love that lil car! She's eight years old now and continues to run without problems or annoyances... not to mention being more fun than is normally allowed. I think I'll keep her...

    I hear ya bout living up north and I feel eggs-zactly the same way. There are waaay too many long, cold, gray winters in my past...

    Kris sez: I really don't mind the snow - probably because I've spent all my life in New England and I'm used to it.

    One can get used to snow? That's news to me, LOL! ;-)

    But... we all have different tastes. You stay warm too, Kris.

  10. Michelle: Ummm... can I politely disagree, unless you're in imminent flood danger? Give me rain... any day. But that might be the semi-desert dweller in me speaking.

  11. Just about everything is melted away hereabouts, thankfully. Can't have anything interfere with tourism, right?!
    I loved snow when I was a kid, couldn't wait for winter. As an adult? Bah, humbug! Shoveling, scraping ice off of the car, bundling up the kids, only to have one say, "I have to go pee!" right as we're walking out the door, trying to find a babysitter at the last minute when school got canceled and my boss didn't care if we employees survived the drive just goes on and on.

  12. I'm loving the pic of the snow on the barbecue grill. It looks like the world's largest egg-cup!

  13. Wow, sorry about the FWD blasphemy, good sir. I have lived in many snowy climes, and the plain fact is that FWD is very good in the snow. Minus the has its drawbacks.

  14. Christina sez: As an adult? Bah, humbug!

    I'm SO with ya there!

    Phlegmmy: You're right about the grill. And you're the first one who's ever made that comparison, too!

    Andy: I disagree about FWD and snow. I owned that damned SAAB in Deetroit... and it has the distinction of being the ONLY car I ever lost in snow (I threw it into a snow bank. On two occasions.). If you "lose" a FWD car you ain't gettin' it back... it's just hold on, enjoy the ride, and see where ya wind up. RWD, OTOH, is correctable. That's my experience, anyway. AWD is another story... and preferable in The Great White North. Which is why you see so danged many Subarus in the NE...

  15. Snow has its place, and it is not in OK. When it does snow in OK, it is just one big mess. Now in Northern NM, we were ready for snow and used it well, but I got very tired of snow 7 months out of the year. For you people getting dumped on, I can feel your pain.

  16. ...but I got very tired of snow 7 months out of the year.

    Yep. I hear THAT. I've never lived in a 7/12 environment, but 6/12 wasn't unknown in Upstate New Yawk... it snowed on Mother's Day one of the years I lived in Rochester. The snow didn't stay on the ground long, but that isn't the point. The mere fact it happened was enough to convince me that I wasn't born to live there.

  17. Are you hinting that I should come visit you? ;)


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