Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Memories, Fondly...

... but NOT without a couple o' few painful synapses being fired off. Via Blog-Bud Mike... something that may or may not ring a few bells with you:

It sure did for me. Ah, Youth! Where DID ya go, and why did ya leave SO soon?

PS: It's only a 1:41 vid, so it's watchable for nearly everyone... no matter at what speed you access the 'net.


  1. I wouldn't have any idea what that's about. What are they talking about? Can anyone explainn it to me? Anyone?

  2. Not my style. Though the vid was hilarious!

  3. ASW: Understandable, that! ;-)

    Amy: Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    Christina: You're a prudent woman. Not MY style any longer, either, but once upon a time... long ago and far away... I was well and truly a slut, if one can call a male by that name.

    That said, and in my defense, there was a certain "window of opportunity"... i.e., post-pill and pre-HIV, c. 1965 ~ 1980... when this sort of behavior didn't have potentially lethal consequences. And I was fortunate enough to come of age (I turned 21 in 1966) and "be there" for the entire window, even though I became oh-so-virtuous -- seriously -- when I re-married in 1978.

    I'm going out on a limb here, but I don't think you're old enough to remember that time. But I'm here to tell ya: It was frickin' GREAT. Even nerdy, skinny lil guys like me "got lucky," which is simply amazing, in retrospect. Or not. Depends on your POV.

  4. I could have lived quite happily the rest of my life without seeing that guy in the thong.

  5. "I was well and truly a slut" he says. Finally the truth.....:)

  6. Becky: You and me both.

    Dan sez: Finally the truth.....:)

    Aw...c'mon! That wasn't any great revelation now, was it? ;-)

  7. I believe the term is "man-whore"...;)

    I was in high school when we were already learning about HIV and AIDS. Scary stuff to hormonal teens. Now I'm more worried about genital herpes. There's such a thing as "asymptomatic shedding", which means the virus is being merrily released while the person who is releasing it has no symptoms whatsoever. Ugh. And condoms are not very effective at preventing transfer, AND it's highly contagious, AND the estimates are between 1-in-6 and 1-in-4 Americans have genital herpes. I think I'll stay celibate, thankyouverymuch. Especially in Sin City!
    Wow. That was quite an infodump. Sorry for hijacking your blog, Buck!
    I'm glad you got to sow your wild oats, though. ;)

  8. Oh, do I EVER hear ya on herpes. It's one of my greatest fears, as well. Or was, I should say, since I've taken myself off the market, so to speak. As a s'matter of fact, I posted a war story on the subject a lil over a year ago.

    All things considered, I consider myself VERY lucky to have swam extensively in the dating pool while managing to avoid lasting reminders of bad judgment. Or death.

  9. Yikes, Buck! That certainly was a close call, but at least she had the decency to let you know before you sealed the deal.


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