Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Apropos of Nothing…

Here's George Thorogood, who I happened to hear on Pandora Radio just now… performing the studio version of this song.
The first time I saw George was in a dance hall in London some time between 1980 and 1983… no seats, just a big ol’ empty floor that held maybe 1,000 people. The venue was packed that night, and The Second Mrs. Pennington and I boogied our asses off, almost literally. Both TSMP and I were pretty much in our prime, she being in her mid-20s and me just slightly older (heh). But Thorogood wore us out and that’s no exaggeration. He played for at least two hours and it’s simply pure amazement how that guy sustained the manic energy-level in his show. TSMP and I had to go the bar mid-way through the first set, buy a couple of pints, and find a wall to sit down against just to get our breath back. And then it was back to the boogie…
Not many people do it better than George. Well, back in the day, anyway. We all get older.
Update 5/14/2008 1155 hrs: See the comments, which explains this vid...


  1. Yowza - George Thorogood. Fantastic performer for sure!!!

  2. John Hammond...yeah, he's ok too. I'd say my fave song of Thorogood..."No Particular Place To Go".

  3. Well, you know I didn't dare suck the life out of our cheesy download limit by clicking on the video but I sure loved the story of you two bogeying until you nearly dropped. Now THAT's a good night out to remember!

  4. That would have been way cool to dance all night to Thorogood in London.

  5. Hah! Back in the day, I used to bring up "I Drink Alone" on the jukebox, while playing pinball at my local establishment, and kick some serious ass. Always had a soft spot for George.

  6. Dancing all night........ I used to do that. Youth.

  7. Wow. I had NO idea George had so many fans! This is a GOOD Thing!

    BTW... I should have mentioned we saw GT at the Hammersmith Palais, which is no more...sad to say. About which: my update.

    And that night was a night to remember, indeed. TSMP and I had a LOT of those nights over the course of our three years in London.

  8. saw George and the Delaware Destroyers in Salsbury, MD 1980 - thanks for the refresh


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