Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mixed Bag

Dueling Videos out of Iran… featuring an official video from the Iranian regime pontificating about the American threat (with guest appearances by John McCain and George Soros!) and which also ham-handedly encourages Iranians to report “suspicious activities” to the Iranian authorities; and a cell-phone video of an impromptu uprising by young people at an Iranian mall against the Modesty Police. The MEMRI vid can’t be embedded, but the cell-phone vid made it to YouTube. So here it is:

There’s a full description of the riot at the mall at Pajamas Media, along with other useful links.

The cell-phone video represents good news, to say the very least. The fact that the Iranian regime is producing videos encouraging the population to become informants is also good news, if you think about it. It remains to be seen where the allegiances of the Iranian people lie, but there are strong indications the younger folks have had enough.

This, on the other hand, is not good news… in any respect. Sanctions are warranted, to be sure. But the unrest of the Iranian people and their increasing willingness to confront the ayatollahs’ goons must be considered in any future course of action. The Iranians go to the polls for parliamentary elections on March 14th. To say that election will be interesting is the understatement of the year. Can you say “martial law?”

Good Lord… I’m just so thankful to be an American.

(h/t for the MEMRI piece: Lex. The other bits are from memeorandum and Google News.)


Today’s Pics: These may be the last of the Sinop pics. I have more, but you can wear anything out if you try hard enough. Today’s pics fall into the category of Local Color…even though they’re in black and white. Interesting architecture, eh?

As always...click for larger.


  1. I want to be in those pictures. Like I said before, I love the black and white, but I want to see the color too. Can you paint those for me?

  2. I love those pictures. I want to paint the second one.

  3. I want so much to be encouraged by that, but look how long it took from the time the lone man stood in front of the Chinese tank until today...with some bit of freedom in China, but I will probably not live long enough to see Iran follow suit.

  4. Lou sez: Can you paint those for me?

    LOL! That's pretty rich, Lou! I'll paint 'em if you'll print 'em out, overlay the prints with little teeny tiny squares, and put lil numbers in those squares. Oh yeah... I'll need a code as for which number equals what color...

    Ashley: Feel free, girl!

    Mushy: I think you'll live long enough to see Iran have a measure of freedom. I'm hopeful, anyway.

    Becky: Thanks!


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