Monday, November 26, 2007

Think You're Having Site Meter Problems?

Well, you probably are...
SiteMeter Problems - 11-26-07
November 26th, 2007

Sometime during Thanksgiving day SiteMeter experienced some major internal system problems. At the moment it appears that access times to and all stats pages are extremely slow.

We are also aware that access to s21 accounts appears to be disabled.

We are working as quickly as we can to try and find out what the problem is and to get everything back online and working normally.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


The SiteMeter Team

Yep. They started slowing down yesterday sometime and they just flat quit altogether today. Good to know it's not me. God Only Knows why that's my first thought...but it usually is. And, more often than not, it turns out it is me.

But not this time.

Update 11/27/2007: Things are back to normal, for me at least. Go here for a status report from SiteMeter, which sez, in part:

It seems that on Friday November 24th, “Black Friday” (known as such because it’s the busiest shopping day of the year) a handful of SiteMeter servers failed, including the one that hosts From what we’ve heard, the internet had more traffic on this day than ever in its history. We also understand that many sites and server farms became over stressed under the load. At this time we’re only able to speculate but it may be that a handful of our sites succumbed to the same fate.

We’re slowly bringing the downed servers back online but in some cases we’re unable to retrieve data lost during the outage. If your stats are hosted on s21, s24, or s25 you will most likely be missing data from approximately Friday Nov 23rd to Monday Nov 26th.

I'm an S17 kinda guy, myself. But: something else to worry about, eh? The whole danged inter-tubes is running out of bandwidth. I blame YouTube.


  1. Well, that burst my bubble...I was sure I was getting so many hits on my sites that it had brought the system down.

    Since I'm not getting many comments on either site, that's probably not the case!

  2. FARK is having massive problems on the same day. Hmmmmmm.

  3. Dontchya love it when it turns out that you really didn't throw some techno hunk of stuff at the big fan by accident? Yep, it's usually me, too, so I am thrilled when it's not for a change.

  4. My site meter really says I've had 2 hits in the past month...and even I know better than that.

    {at least 10...:0}

  5. NO - it is usually ME!!!

    At least we are all in this together!

  6. Today they're back up and running sorta normally... as noted in the update.

    And...what a bunch of Luddites we are!


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