Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Oh So Briefly...

Real life intrudes on blogging yet again. While I’ve had the time to make the rounds of my favorite reads I’ve yet to pay attention to EIP. Which really means: no blog-fodder as yet. In the interim I have to go see my dentist and make a major re-supply run. That ought to be fun: out and about while laboring under the lingering effects of anesthesia. So…if you happen to see a drooling old man in these parts, pay him no mind. It’s not really HIS fault, ya know.

In the meantime…there’s this to consider from John Hawkins at Right Wing News: The Rightosphere Temperature Check For November: Special GOP Primary Edition.” I find this to be the most interesting result:

8) Which candidate do you trust the most on foreign policy issues?

A) Fred Thompson: 15 -- 26%
B) John McCain: 17 -- 30%
C) Mike Huckabee: 0 -- 0%
D) Mitt Romney: 4 -- 7%
E) Rudy Giuliani: 21 -- 37%

Put another way: This is THE key issue in the upcoming election. Yet another way to put it: Who will bring me the head of Osama? And the collective heads of his minions and wanna-bee imitators?

Of course, 240 right-wing bloggers just might be wrong. But I doubt it.


  1. Buck,

    This is the one that really has me riveted...

    6) Which candidate do you trust the most to be tough on illegal immigration?

    A) Fred Thompson: 39 -- 67%
    B) John McCain: 1 -- 2%
    C) Mike Huckabee: 7 -- 12%
    D) Mitt Romney: 4 -- 7%
    E) Rudy Giuliani: 7 -- 12%

    Yeah...you know if we're going to be cracking down on these national security issues, and we want a ticket that will actually bring RESULTS not just get elected -- assuming my boy Fred can't walk away with the actual nomination, we'd all better hope he ends up in charge of Homeland Security at LEAST.

    And that's all of us, men, women, white, non-white, rep, dem, gay, str8.

    National security without border control, is UNPOSSIBLE.

  2. I agree with the 37% of people who voted that Mayor Rudy Giuliani would be the best in the area of foreign policy. I am about as conservative as they come, but since foreign policy is at the top of my list of issues, I am considering voting for the mayor because I feel he would be our best bet when it comes to the War on Terror/Foreign Policy/National Security.

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  4. {must be the Celebrex} Butchered that last one Buck.....as I was saying:

    I'm still holding out for long shots Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo...but it looks like I'm out of the Right Wing Loop(as in, "Hey, I farther right than the right"}

  5. Agreed - national security is the most important issue in front of us - without it, none of the rest matters. and, with the liberals, we get none of it..

  6. Both the border and foreign policy will be the biggest factors.

    I sure do hope Richardson doesn't get the nomination for prez or chosen for VP. If that happens, my vote won't count at all in the general election.

  7. Agreed on the border issue, Morgan. I'm absolutely LIVID that more hasn't been done, and faster, in this space. Why all the foot-dragging, one wonders? We all seem to be agreed this is the first step, yet progress is non-existent, as far as I know.

    And we (that would be Towanda, Cynthia, and Jenny) seem to be on the same page. Tancredo and Hunter don't have the proverbial snowball's chance, Pat. Sorry, but it is what it is.

    I don't quite get your meaning about our Dear Gov, Jenny. IF he gets the Dem nomination (a long shot, that), I don't think he's a lock for NM's electoral votes, but I could be wrong. Richardson's position on is Iraq is pure surrender, and that ain't gonna go down well at all in these parts. Santa Fe, perhaps, but not around here...at least from what I see.


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