Monday, November 26, 2007

Gift Suggestions

We all have someone on our Christmas list that’s hard to shop for…I’m thinking specifically about that annoying person who seemingly has everything, or wants you to believe they do, anyway. Well, Gerard has put together a rather unique gift-giving guide that might hold the answer to your-my-OUR problem. And, in the spirit of “a pic is worth a thousand words,” here’s a sample (click for larger, of course):

Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em," indeed! Hell, there are several things on this list I think I need.

(h/t: Chap)


  1. Would you believe a friend actually gave me one of those umbrella things for haircuts? If my dad had seen it, he would have made some sort of bald joke about "saving your hair". As for the other gift items, there is one I could use:)

  2. Ah, but there are many more at Gerard's place, Lou. That screen cap was only about a quarter of 'em...

    And... I'll not go there! ;-)


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