Sunday, October 28, 2007

It's WAR! Album-Cover War...

Trés cool.

How many of these albums do you have? I haven’t counted, but I’d guess and I have at least 20 18. Maybe more. And most on vinyl, including an original Sticky Fingers LP, w/zipper.

h/t: Dark Roasted Blend. Dang, I’m glad I found this site!

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  1. I used to work with someone who helped to start up "sticky Fingers" - darned if I can remember her name now! Music is like a memory disc, isn't it? It transports you straight back to your youth. I can never hear "Me and Mrs. Jones", without turning 13 again, spending my lunch hour at a local jukebox cafe, sipping a coke with four straws and three of my mates, and to get kicked out because we'd smuggled the flans we'd baked that morning at cookery class in to eat. It was a huge loss; the local boys school used to hang out there (sigh).

  2. Music is like a memory disc, isn't it? It transports you straight back to your youth.
    For sure! I can picture your scene.

    And sometimes even to one's not so young years.
    We played "The World is a Ghetto" during one of our summer trips through Utah. "City, Country, City" played at exactly the right time while we were zipping over the freeway during Salt Lake City pre-Olympics construction: sky-high lanes enclosed by walls, no shoulders, boxed in by double trailer trucks going 85 miles an hour. That song's groove lowered my anxiety level a good bit and kept me in the flow!

  3. I counted 5 that I had: Eminem's Encore, Duran Durans Rio (vinyl) Def Leppard Pyromania, Quiet Riot Mental Health (single on vinyl), and Metallica Master of Puppets. Ok, I'll admit that I had Thriller on tape, back when I was in 2nd or 3rd grade.

    I've been in a music kinda mood lately. Been going thru my CDs and downloading my favorite tunes to my iPod. I enjoyed listening to my High School Years playlist yesterday.

  4. Carol and Bec: So true about the music. And some times it's painful, too.

    Bec: re: "sky-high lanes enclosed by walls, no shoulders, boxed in by double trailer trucks going 85 miles an hour"

    I hate traffic like that, especially when I'm on the bike. Fortunately there's no traffic like that in these parts, but I transited Denver and SLC on my road trip this year and it was a semi-white knuckle experience.

    Jenny: How much time have you spent loading your iPod? One of the main reasons I've been REAL reluctant to go there (buy an iPod or similar) is I don't want to get involved in yet another time-eating endeavor. And I could see me burning hour and hours and hours in that sort of activity.

    OK...I went back and counted. I have 18 of the albums. All of the Pink Floyd (3); both Beatles (Sgt. Pepper and Abbey Road); Joe Jackson's Look Sharp; King Crimson; both Led Zeps (I and Houses); Sticky Fingers; Boston; AC/DC; Pyromania; B-52s; one Van Halen; Tom Petty's American Girl; Nirvana's Nevermind; and The Cars Candy-O.

    And I can't believe you don't have "Dark Side of the Moon," Jenny!

  5. Some artists are before my time, Buck. That is to say, I was in elementary school, many in my collection were gifts from parents/grandparents and would be closely censored for content or who was making the bad headlines during the day (Ozzy I'm sure would be one that my parents would NOT buy me).

    However, as a teenager I discovered music such as Ozzy and Metallica (the latter being one of my favs, drives my husband nuts. He is not a big rock fan). But in most cases, rather than invest in each entire album its easier and cheaper to invest in greatest hits albums, of which I have a few. Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Boston, Foreigner, and yes, Ozzy (well, a live Ozzy in tribute to Randy Rhoades).

    RE: iPod. I haven't spent alot of time downloading stuff. I do it while doing other things on the computer, or around the house, just come back and change the disc as I pass thru. Keep a stack of discs todo on the desk, a stack of done, then go switch them out when needed. I got the 8GB Nano, and it seems like it will hold all I want it to for a good while. I really wanted the 30GB, like the one I got my husband (but of course, Walmart was sold out of them when he did my birthday shopping). iTunes is easy to use, though their store needs some work on updating their library on some older works. They don't have ANY AC/DC, and I really wanted to purchase Big Balls (and of course, Walmart doesn't have it either). hehehe, hubby has never heard that song. Hubby subs to Rush Limbaugh and gets the Podcasts directly downloaded to his laptop, then plugs it in at night to sync it. Then he can listen in the tractor or truck without commercials. 3 hours in about 1 1/2 or so.

  6. Some artists are before my time, Buck. That is to say, I was in elementary school...

    Hey! Most of Mozart is before my time, but I still have five or six CDs in the collection... :-)

    Seriously, though... The reason I made that comment about DSotM comes, in part, from this:

    Sales of the album worldwide total over forty million as of 2004, with an average of 8,000 copies sold per week and a total of 400,000 in the year of 2002 — making it the 200th best-selling album of that year nearly three decades after its initial release. It is estimated that one in every fourteen people in the U.S. under the age of fifty owns or owned a copy of this album. According to an August 2, 2006 Wall Street Journal article, although the album was released in 1973, it has sold 7.7 million copies since 1991 in the U.S. alone and continues to log 9,600 sales per week domestically.

    Bold emphasis mine... Details here, if you wanna know more...

    You make that iPod thing sound easy. Yet still, I don't think I wanna go there. I could see a need for one in times past (maybe) but not now. Come to think about it, I never had a Walkman, either.

  7. "I never had a Walkman either"

    Well, Seargent, you're missing a lot avoiding this medium, i.e. piping your music and such into your ears. Don't worry about losing your hearing. We both are past the age where, if we're gentle, the cause of hearing loss won't be the headphones, but the clock and natural degradation. I've been wearing headphones inside my helmet since my pre-enlistment motorcycle tour of 1982.

    Let's see (that was fun). I have: Foreigner IV, Joe Jackson Look Sharp, Duran Duran Rio, Pink Floyd DSotM, Boston, DePeche Mode, B-52s Wild Planet, Van Halen, Cars Candy-O, Michael Jackson Thriller (spit), AC/DC Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap), Pink Floyd The Wall, and Madonna.

    Thirteen by my count, to answer your question. It's been a hobby since about Y2K that I'm copying my vinyl to MP3, so I can legally carry them around on my miniscule AAA-battery powered player, including when I'm on my trail bike. In my truck, commuting to ABQ, I use a $15 Coby FM transmitter to listen.

    I also download 'podcasts' in MP3 form from, say, PJM (including Glen(n) and Helen), Bob Brinker's Moneytalk, Shire Network News(highly recommended), Lileks' Diners, and Limbaugh. The Limbaugh and Moneytalk sans commercials are so worth it.

    I eschew iTunes. No reason 'podcasts' have to go through Apple.

    Jenny, I have a high quality (128 Kbps mp3) copy of Big Balls (an ingenious song) from my vinyl. If you own it in some other medium, I figure I can e-mail it to you legally, for your private use. If you want it, tell me at rrandlr 'at' concentric 'dot' net. It's about 2.5 MB.

    Thanks for the Sunday diversion!
    Seargent, devolve yourself from this if you think it is inappropriate use of your comments section and I'll cut it out.

  8. Well, I counted 12, but I may have missed a couple...that was a great montage! Loved it!

    I need to go down and get my old albums and scan them!

  9. I was country when country wasn't cool.

  10. reese said, among other things: Don't worry about losing your hearing.

    If I was worried about that I wouldn't be riding the bike at supra-legal speeds with all that wind noise! :-) And yeah, I have ear plugs. I even have 'em with me sometimes, and once in a great while I wear 'em.

    An iPod or other player is a matter of perceived need with me... as in: I don't think I need one. I might feel differently if I did that commute thing or was otherwise confined to a small space for longish periods of time. But I'm not. I know a lot of folks use the Hell out of those things on bikes (motorized or pedal-ized), but that's not me. Maybe I'm a closet Luddite.

    Mushy: Now there's a project... scanning album covers!

    Speaking of albums... Do you remember an old coffee table book called "The Album Cover Album?" (I googled for a pic, no joy.) It was a large format (the size of an old LP), soft cover book that came out around '72 or so and was devoted entirely to album art. It had well over 300 album covers in it. I'm pretty sure I still have mine around...somewhere. It's either in SN2's basement or someplace else, maybe even in El Casa Móvil De Pennington in the bottom of a box. Scanning that would be a worthwhile project, too.

  11. Lou: LOL! I'm just now getting there, and lovin' it.

  12. I'm glad you are coming around with country, Buck. LOL! Even though I listen to some rock, I'm really a downhome country gal at heart (but you knew that, right?).

    Reese: thanks for the offer. I'm afraid I don't have that album on any medium, only have heard it on the radio (and of course at frat house parties). I just need the buy the album anyway. I'll put it on my "want" list.

    Buck, I'm really lovin' the iPod. For no other reason that I don't have to carry around a ton of CDs in the truck anymore to suit my mood. I even have some of the kids stuff on there to suit their moods. And this way if I want to get some exercise in on the good ol' treadmill, I don't have to wake the household with the stereo. ;)

  13. Think about that Ipod Buck, coolest invention in a long time. I bought my Bride one for her birthday, now I want one. Apple knows what they are doing, they are the American version of Sony.

  14. I have 0 the ex took the vinyl..
    We do have all our music on a hard drive. I live by the Ipod... Being married to a geek makes it easy.

  15. 'Kay, Jenny.

    NP: "The Chauffeur" by Duran Duran-- a great riding song. Next, "Hold Back the Rain."

    Your post on album cover wars has me browsing my old music. Fun. Thanks.

    Other than those in the animation (or in the animation for that matter), what's a great album cover to you. For me, Kansas' Masque is one of the best. Artsy and all. So is Styx' Grand Illusion, just leafing through my collection here.

    See, an AM radio host could get three good hours out of this.

  16. I don't have an IPod either and can't really see the need. I have CD's and radio...and I am technologically challenged. I did buy my son one for when he is traveling, and he is a geek that would love the gadget. Toby has considered getting one. I can see you getting one, Buck, just because you are always up on the latest, but as for "need" I just don't see it.

  17. Jenny sez: I'm really a downhome country gal at heart (but you knew that, right?).

    Yep, that I did!

    Shelly said: I have 0 the ex took the vinyl..

    Hmm. Funny how that works out. But I didn't "take" mine, it stayed with me when she walked. Is that too nuanced?

    Reese asks: Other than those in the animation (or in the animation for that matter), what's a great album cover to you

    Wow...since all my vinyl is with SN2, I'll have to do this by memory or else drag a ton of CDs out of the overhead storage. For sheer audaciousness and chutzpah...this cover takes the cake. Can you imagine a cover like this today? People would be lynched, virtually or literally. But...I think my favorite cover of all time is Santana's Abraxas. It might have been the set or it could have been the setting, but I spent hours staring at the art work on that cover. And I'm not exaggerating one tiny bit.

    A good cover, to me, either has art that demands attention, or is unusual or unique in some other aspect. Bonus points if there's a tie-in between the cover art and the music. The Prog-rock bands were good at that; some country folks are, too.

    And finally: OK...I'm in the minority here when it comes to iPods. But I still don't see one in my future.

  18. WOW! That album cover war thing was amazing - LOVED it!


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