Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well, the rounds have been made, the news has been scanned, and the coffee’s almost gone. And the weather, she is beauteous. Just the kind of day for a ride, which I fully intend to embark upon just as soon as I put up this post, which only serves to fill the square marked “daily post,” and just barely, at that. I’ll take the camera along with me when I head out. I just might find something of note…ya never know.

In the mean time, here’s a couple of pics from my back pages. Back when El Casa Móvil De Pennington was new and we had just hit the road. The first pic was taken in my home of record…the Escapees RV Park in Livingston, Texas. What you see is a rear view of El Casa Móvil De Pennington and the ol’ Yama-Hammer’s traveling accommodations. This was obviously before The Green Hornet entered my life…

Livingston was my first stop while engineering my “new” life. I spent a few days there getting my Texas drivers license and registering the of the process necessary to become a Texan. And then it was onward, outward, and upward. While Livingston is OK in terms of weather and scenery, it left more than a little to be desired. First and foremost were the cramped living conditions: I never did like the “cheek-to-jowl” accommodations at some RV parks — it’s just too danged close for comfort, speaking both practically and aesthetically. Second: Livingston is in a dry county. And that, Gentle Reader, was THE fatal flaw. I can’t... won't... live that way.

Livingston did have its attractions, though, not the least of which was beautiful Lake Livingston. Example above.

November, 1999.


  1. The "Dry County" would have been the kicker for me to move on.....although I did live in Dodge City when Kansas was a "Dry State"....3.2 beer at the bars, and BYB to the so called "Private" Clubs....were there is a will and a thrist, there is a way!

  2. I have lived in some dry places. Vernon, TX is dry, but we lived on the highway to Altus, OK, and friends would often drop by after making a beer run. Lubbock is technically dry, but they have The Strip which is entertainment in itself. I agree with Pat, it there is a will..

  3. I enjoyed your pictures and enjoyed reading your post today.

    I guess I ran out of options but I did hitch hike around the country in 1952 when it was till reasonably safe to do it. I always ended up in Tucson, Arizona and if I didn't work at Levy's of Tucson I was off working in the White Mountains on a ranch. I never had a bike with a real motor on it but did have a Western Auto Flyer model with a close pin holding a playing card that hit the spokes when the wheel turned around. That was as close as I ever got to being a biker.

    Thanks for the visit to Japan. I talked under your post about the brass lined slits in the floors of trains when I was there and that practice was just recently outlawed.

    Tomorrow I will turn 73. Wow.

  4. Pat and Lou... I've lived in a dry county also...OKC was technically "dry" when I lived there from '83 - '85. I say "technically," because like was dry in name only. There were the "clubs" where a membership was available for a buck or three...depending on the place. All the beer was 3.2, but that wasn't a Big Deal, as we military types had the base where we could buy real beer.

    I experienced the "dry" phenomenon most recently up in Salt Lake City,and the same sort of thing held can buy "strong" beer, i.e., alcohol content over and above 3.2%, out at the base. I always scratch my head in wonder at the motivation and rationale behind Blue Laws. "Only in America," is the only explanation, I suppose. {sigh}

    Abraham: You continue to amaze and impress with your photography! Thanks so very much for dropping by, I really appreciate it. And...Happy Birthday on the eve of your birth date. I'll be by your place on the morrow to wish you a proper Happy Birthday!

    PS... I did a lot of that hitch-hiking thing as well, back in the day. And always in uniform -- one could get a lot more rides, a lot quicker, when one was in uniform. I sure wouldn't attempt it these days...

  5. You picked a dry county? It would be nice if they marked these places on the map so that you know to keep riding a little further on before stopping for the night and a couple of cold ones.

  6. It would be nice if they marked these places on the map so that you know to keep riding a little further on before stopping for the night and a couple of cold ones.

    Agreed, Lin. Which is why the fridge in El Casa Móvil De Pennington is and was always well stocked with the brew de jour, among other things. I was never deprived during my own personal Happy Hour at day's end.


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