Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Some may call it schmaltz, but I dearly love “Avalon.” As a matter of fact, the Roxy Music album of the same name was the very first CD I ever purchased, waaay back in 1984 or so. Bought, of course, to augment the well-worn vinyl copy of “Avalon” that resides in my LP collection. But I digress. I auditioned several versions of this tune to select one for posting…and chose a live version. The studio version is simply exquisite, and benefits from (probably) hours of fine-tuning the mix on the console. There’s not much to quibble about in the studio version…the background vocals are suitably ethereal, the horn charts are subdued yet simply awesome, and Bryan Ferry’s singing…love it or leave it… is magnificent.
What the Hell. Here’s the studio version as soundtrack to some video whose meaning is completely lost on me. Pun intended.
The Second Mrs. Pennington and I did numerous turns around numerous rooms in numerous locations to “Avalon.” And the effect was nearly always the same…ecstasy. In one form or another.
Oh, yes.


  1. I kind of like the "Lost" version best.

  2. Me too, Lou. Especially the end where the woman does that "oooh-whoooh-hoo-hoo" thing. The muted trumpet in the live version just ain't the same.

    I've heard "Avalon" countless times over the past 20+ years and her singing still raises the hair on my forearms... among other things. ;-)

  3. That song is the best to listen to in a room where the system is great, you can turn it up REALLY loud, and you just keep hitting repeat...over and over and over again. Done that...many, many times...

    Her voice at the end would be my choice for the last thing I ever heard...probably...



  4. Wow, Buck...I never knew! S'funny the things you find out, blogging.

    Now, just why is it, in all the times we've spent listening to this stuff and that stuff...that we never listened to "Avalon?" Or perhaps we did. I know it was a "frequent flier" on the play list when we were in Birmingham...


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