Monday, October 22, 2007

The Benefits of Dust

Two pics of last night’s sunset. All that airborne dust made for some fiery vistas in the sky. Better watched from indoors, though. It simply wasn’t a nice evening to be out and about.

Now it’s off to make the rounds…


  1. High desert sunsets - truly beautiful!!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Buck.

  3. Thank you, Ladies. The photos are but a caricature of the reality. It was awesome.

  4. Nice to see that we're not the only ones getting blown around in the dust lately. Did you get the cold snap from CO yet? Man, it was COLD!

  5. Did you get the cold snap from CO yet? Man, it was COLD!

    I think we got it last night, Lin. According to the WX Channel it was supposed to go into the high 20s, but I don't think we hit 32...if that. It was 41 outside when I woke up this morning just after eight...

    Y'all are a lot higher than we are...and further north, too!

  6. Buck - I've been wondering what effect you've been feeling as a result of the fires. Guess this kind of makes it prettier to watch from your skies.


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