Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another Crappy Lil Video

The “wind” video I posted the other day was just a mild breeze compared to this particular bit of meteorological madness…

And here’s what the WX Channel’s web site had to say about the wind along about the same time I shot this vid. I think we were more like steady “40+ mph” with gusts to 50 mph and beyond. You’ll notice I didn’t venture very far from El Casa Móvil De Pennington, Gentle Reader. The dust was just incredible, even though it doesn’t show up on the video all that well.

I sure could taste it.

Video taken at approximately 1740 hrs, 10/21/2007.


  1. Yup, looks like a windy day in Pville!! Did you think you were one of the guys from WX showing everyone what it's like being in a hurricane? Loved the video, though.

    We watched the front move in this afternoon. My living room window faces the north, and we could see the dust cloud making it's way towards the house and the hear BOOM when it hit full force. One wonders if that's what it was like in the Depression during the Dust Bowl.

    I'm thankful that we have a sturdy brick home and not a trailer anymore.

    Of course, tonight is the only night that WX shows us having any humidity for a while, so my darling husband is out now trying to bale hay while I wrestle the kids in the bathtub and put them to bed, for tomorrow is a school day. Will have to break out the heavy coats in the morning.

  2. Did you think you were one of the guys from WX showing everyone what it's like being in a hurricane? that you mention it, yes. Didja catch the bit in the vid where the camera went a little bit askew? Probably not, but that was when a gust caught me off balance. It was blowing quite hard. And it still is, actually. The ol' RV is really rockin' and rollin', and it ain't music. my darling husband is out now trying to bale hay ...

    You're KIDDING...right? How does one bale hay in the middle of a bona-fide gale? I'll be the very first to admit I don't know squat about farming, but... Wow!

    Hope the kids stay warm tomorrow morning. I'll probably sleep in.

  3. Eeeeek! I think I'll stop complaining about our weather - light, endless mists of rain is small potatoes compared to this..

  4. Jes and I ran into the wind around 6:00 PM driving in to WF. It blew her little car around pretty good. We made it safely home. It was late when the rain started. I can still hear the wind as I type this morning.

  5. It's eerily quiet here, just before dawn. Wish us luck today, cause it's our turn again for . :(

  6. Carol: There are times...especially in June... when I'd trade the whole works straight across with you!

    Lou: We're significantly calmer this morning. As a matter of fact...the worst of it was over around 2100 or 2130 last night. The WX Channel sure made a big deal out of it, though. I hope your WX calms down ASAP.

    And speaking of the WX Channel, Bec... You guys got attention, too. That MSNBC article reads like ALL of SoCal is afire! Stay safe...


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