Sunday, September 30, 2007

(Sorta) Late Nite EIP

I don't watch SNL any longer, but based on this lil clip, perhaps I should...

You might want to watch this twice. It took me two times through to understand most of the lyrics. But then again, I'm kinda slow.



  1. I watched this last night and cracked up...thanks for posting so I could watch it again.

  2. I still hang in there and watch some and I did catch that piece. Funny as hell and I wonder what Ahmydinnejacket would think if he ever saw it!

    It's best to record the show and watch it later during breakfast.

  3. The Ahmadinejad double has everything down...except the evil eyes.

  4. I guess I'm really slow. It now says the video is no longer available. Phooey.

  5. Becky: I found an alternate works now. For a while, anyway.


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