Friday, August 31, 2007

In the News...

The top story on memeorandum at the moment (said moment being 08/31/2007 1430 hrs MDT) is a lil something in the WaPo which has our Dear Friends on the Left just a little bit upset. And their representatives are a bit upset, as well. I’ll simply quote Jim Geraghty at NRO’s The Corner, coz he pretty well says it ALL:

Sliming's New Meaning, Apparently, Is When You're Quoted Accurately

I understand lefty bloggers are quite bothered by this story in the Washington Post, with the eye-catching headline, "Lawmakers Describe 'Being Slimed in the Green Zone'"


Unless there's some fact not in evidence - that the quotes are inaccurate? — how is a bio sheet describing a lawmaker's position on the war, and quoting what they have said about it, "sliming"? Those who meet the lawmakers aren't supposed to know what a lawmaker has said about the war before? What, is this information some sort of secret? Don't the folks in the Green Zone who meet the lawmakers have a right to know a bit about 'em, perhaps to anticipate the kinds of questions they'll get?

Yep. What he said. There’s a lot of “truthiness,” like it or lump it, in what the fact sheets distributed throughout the Green Zone supposedly said. A 21st Century Cautionary Tale, this is. Or, “Be careful what you say; Google (and its cache) is forever.”

You’d think Ms. Tauscher et al would know this, wouldn’t you?

And while we’re on the subject of The Left, The War, The “Loyal Opposition,” and various and sundry other “Don’t Question MY Patriotism” types, there’s this piece of merde. Pertinent, and pointed, comment here, here, and especially here. I have nothing to add… other than the usual, customary, and reasonable “If you don’t like it here, then get the Hell OUT. Now.” My tolerance for the Fifth Column is getting thin. AWFULLY thin.

Today’s Pic: A B-25 in unusual livery…that of the United States Marine Corps…who did indeed fly B-25s in the Pacific Theatre during Big Bang II.

On the ramp at Amarillo Municipal Airport in…you guessed it!...Amarillo, Texas.

May, 2004. (as always…click for larger)


  1. So...making a movie about U.S. atrocities in Iraq is supposed to be "edgy"? Spare me. Edgy would be making a movie about the torture houses run by al-Q types. Edgy would be making a movie about the butchered Blackwater contractors. Edgy would be making a film about the atrocities committed by the Iranian government every day.

    And concur with Goldfarb about Casualties of War being a steaming pile of fecal matter. Don't expect much better from this one.

    Like the pic of Devil Dog.

  2. Yes...near as I can figure it, when "slime" is used as a verb, it has to do with using facts that our liberal friends don't like.

    And when "swift boat" is used as a verb, it has to do with using opinionated recollections that our liberal friends don't like.

    Neither one is synonymous with "lie," a verb which has just one syllable and would certainly be deployed in place if it fit. They'd like you to think it does, but it doesn't. There'd be too many awkward questions to answer if they used the L-word, so they use those instead.

  3. In Marine livery 'taint a B-25, it's a PBJ...

  4. Generally "swift boating" implies using a small sub-selection of first-hand (& negative) rememberances to represent a person's character. It certainly *implies* that the representation is NOT typical or widely-held. Not that the term has or hasn't been used accurately by liberals in the past.

    As a liberal-leaning libertarian I continue to be surprised by how differently the conservative perspective is to mine. You guys are so *fundimentally* different than me. Almost like it's in our brain wiring--if we were computers y'all would be Windows and I'd be a Mac. I try very hard to see the world from your perspective and when I try the world looks bleak and horrifying. I see power/strength worshiped over kindness, country worshiped without any analysis, & (for some) business success/money offered as the fundimental proof of worth.

    And it's obvious that you recoil from my philosophy like it was sour milk and you find my values as worthwhile as maggot-ridden meat and your reaction to my values is nearly primal. same as my reaction to yours. & I find that really, really strange and sad.

    and the weird thing is this; we both think we're right. On this solemn day--as I remember my friend's great life & tragic death on Flight 175 I think about how we who are SO SURE that we're right can be very, very wrong. The scary monster-men who killed my friend were extremely confident that they were right to take those planes and kill all of those people. they felt righteous and glorious as they performed that abomination. And they were so, so wrong.
    And we say to ourselves "candidate A is a poison to our country--our guy candidate B is RIGHT". And we're sure we're right. I've never seen the proof for any of it.

  5. Interesting that you should leave a comment on a post that's over a year old, nonaligned. Very few if any of my readers will see this... I suspect no one will except for me.

    I have much the same feelings as yourself... how can our opinions be so divergent, yet so strongly held? Ultimately, and just as a knee-jerk reaction, I think it all goes back to values. And while you and I may share some core values... I tend to be more of a Libertarian than conservative, although you might not glean that from reading a single post on this blog... we tend to deviate, and significantly, where the approach to realizing those values lies.

    Such is the greatest glory of this country: you are free to be you, and I am free to be me... and we each can freely express our opinions. Hopefully we can reach some sort of accommodation in the process.


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