Friday, August 31, 2007

A Couple of Small Things...

Here’s another in a long line of interesting (well, that’s subjective) lil quizzes…and my results:
Mingle2 - Dating Site
The outcome is about what I figured…I seem to be fairly well-addicted, but I’m not in that over-the-top, “completely gone to the blogging dogs” category. Yet. Give me time.
(h/t: Mushy, a former sky-cop, blues aficionado, cigar smoker, and beer drinker. What’s NOT to like, eh?)
More video, this one via commenter Casca at Lex’s place…and originally posted at Theodore’s World:
I have no comment other than “George Bush! Yeah!” Pretty cool.


  1. Great video - thanks for the plug man!

  2. I am 67% addicted to blogging.

    Loved the video.


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