Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More Dining Out Stuff

Today’s Pic: SN1 sends along a pic of himself and Madam Vice (he was Mr. Vice) at the grog bowl during a recent Hill AFB Dining Out. No other details available…you might could ask questions, if you have any, in the comments. No promises about answers, though.

March, 2007.
(USAF Photo)


  1. I agree, Laurie.

    There was no such thing as "Madam Vice" back in my day. (*I* never saw one, anyway.) More's the pity, judging from this pic!

  2. Since Laurie is kind of "crossing over" with a compliment, let me just say that SN1's mother must be very good looking.

  3. I agree that the vices are handsome pair, but I don't understand what "Mr. and Madam Vice" have to do with things. Were they the keepers of the grog?

  4. Lou: Here are the official duties and responsibilities of the vice-president of the Mess, otherwise known as Mr./Madam Vice:

    3-11. Duties of Mr. Vice. Mr. Vice plays a key role in planning the event and assists the President of the Mess in ensuring the success of the Dining-In.

    a. Before the event, he monitors the activities of the planning committees to keep himself abreast of the progress of the preparations phase. Moreover, he performs specific duties as assigned to him by the President. He may be called upon to handle reservations, plan the entertainment, select the menu, and supervise the cleaning of the unit silver. He also ensures that the unit trophies and souvenirs are ready for display and that all colors and standards are available and in good order.

    b. During the Dining-In, Mr. Vice assembles the members of the mess at the specified time by sounding the dinner chimes. He makes the appropriate toasts and provides poems, witticisms, and limericks relating to personalities present at the dinner. These recitations will be done in good taste so as not to embarrass the persons to whom they are directed. Mr. Vice tests the meat course before it is served to the other members of the mess and announces whether or not it is fit for human consumption. Moreover, be is the only member of the mess who may address items of interest to the mess members without the President's permission. He is the first to arrive and the last to leave the mess. Mr. Vice is seated at the end of the banquet hall facing the President of the Mess. If possible, he should be provided his own table.

    That's from the Army's Command and Staff College Pamphlet 28-1, which contains everything you want or need to know about Dining-Ins. There are minor variations to the procedures amongst the services, but every Dining In/Out pretty much follow a standard set of rules.

  5. Reese: The First Mrs. Pennington is a lovely lady, indeed! And both SN1 and SN2 should be grateful they got (most of) their physical characteristics from her side of the family! :-)

  6. All of these military traditions are amaizing. I witnessed some traditions when I attended the Ia Drang Veteran's reunion. My uncle said something about "dress shoes and tennis shoes ..." when he told us that there would be military in their dress blues. Fascinating!

  7. Thanks all, for the compliments...

    We're knee-deep in planning the next one, for our local LOA chapter. It will be a "Joint" affair, with the guest speaker an Admiral from the Defense Logistics Agency. I've pinged SN2 for Navy traditions and hit the link Dad provided above (thanks Dad!). We don't do traditions as well as the other services IMHO, and it will be interesting to see how well we pull off a "Joint" dining out. At least I'm not Mr. Vice again...planning on being funny is a daunting task, no matter who you are!

    Wish me luck...



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