Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Another Record

Making the playoffs: Who has the longest active streak in professional sports? Hint: it ain’t the Yankees, but if you guessed Yankees, you’re close.
NEW YORK -- The Detroit Red Wings have clinched a berth in the Stanley Cup playoffs for the 16th consecutive season, the latest milestone for a franchise that has set a standard for sustained excellence not only in the National Hockey League but for all of North American major pro sports. The New York Yankees, who have qualified for the Major League Baseball playoffs in each of the past 12 seasons, have the next-longest streak.
In addition, the Red Wings reached the 100-point mark last Thursday, marking their seventh consecutive season of 100 points or more and surpassing the stretch of six such seasons amassed by the Edmonton Oilers during the Wayne Gretzky era from 1981-82 through 1986-87. The Montreal Canadiens, who recorded an NHL-record eight consecutive 100-point seasons from 1974-75 through 1981-82, are the only NHL team with a longer streak.
Naysayers could (and probably will) remark that “everyone makes the playoffs” in the NHL. This is somewhat true compared to the other major sports, in that 16 of the 30 NHL teams qualify for post-season play under the current system. But that ain’t everyone, now, is it? But, more to the point, the linked article explains the “hows and whys” of the Red Wings' success…which boils down to management continuity, smart(est) drafting (even though the Wings have only had one top-20 pick since 1992), and good trades. In other words: a supremely well-managed team with lots of talent.
But making the playoffs doesn’t guarantee anything (read that: Stanley Cup), as the last few seasons early exits have shown. Let’s hope it’s different this year…


  1. No, not the Yankees, 'cause they don't come close to my Atlanta Braves! In 2005, we clinched our 14th consecutive division title. 2006 was the first in all those years that we didn't make the playoffs. But we will be climbing back in the saddle again this year. Opening day is Monday at 11:05 New Mexico time, and it is on TBS (rumor has it that this is the last year TBS will be broadcasting Braves games, and I couldn't be more upset about it. It's a conspiracy to make fans like me subscribe to MLB Extra Innings and I just don't want to shell out that kinda money for all the teams I don't care about).

    I don't watch hockey, but congrats to the Red Wings for having such a great winning streak!

  2. That's pretty impressive, Jenny. So I'm assuming you're gonna be in front of the TeeVee this coming Monday? ;-)

    Just as a side note...I think I heard something yesterday about MLB negotiating a new, exclusive contract with DirecTV for the "Extra Innings" package...and that Congress may get involved due to outrage on the part of baseball fans. But I could be wrong...

  3. Weeellll, my MIL is having surgery Monday morning, so hopefully there will be cable in the hospital waiting room. LOL! I may just have to set the VCR, though. AT least the home opener isn't til later in the week and hopefully I'll be at home watching it.

    As for the Extra Innings, maybe Congress getting involved will make Extra Innings affordable. TBS cut about half it's baseball schedule a few years ago when Turner South got on the scene. But we can't get that station, of course. So last year I subscribed to the Fox Sports package from Directv, but I don't get any more games really because unless they are playing Colorado, Arizona, or Houston, it gets blacked out. What's a girl gotta do to get her baseball fix? ;o)

  4. I hope your MIL's surgery goes well. It's never a good thing to have someone cutting on you...

    I also hope the waiting room has cable and you can get the medicos to tune the set to the game, LOL!

    This is probably un-American as all get-out, but I don't watch much, if any, baseball until the playoffs roll around. But I never miss the play-offs. And last year was pretty cool because of Detroit getting to the Big Dance. Their subsequent collapse wasn't pleasant to watch, though. {sigh}

    Detroit's sports teams: guaranteed to break your heart, with occasional flashes of brilliance.


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