Thursday, August 31, 2006

Worth A Read

Why I read Lileks, Part XXIV:

When I realized that the footage would be interesting only if a pair of eyes stared back at me, I shut off the camera, and looked up. To paraphrase Dave Bowman:

My stars. It’s full of God.

I went back into the cabin, got Gnat out of bed. She held my hand as we walked around to the front; I told her to look down. We got to the middle of the lawn between the cabin and the shore, and laid down and looked up.

She gasped.

It’s so beautiful, she said. We saw the clouds of stars, the bright ones burning a billion years away, the dim pricks in the firmament that probably represented an entire galaxy, or two, and as usual you remember the wise man’s formulation: either we are alone or we are not, and either is astonishing. Although each has its own implications.

We laid in the grass for a few minutes, holding hands, looking up at the stars. Your mind goes through moods quite quickly – they’re pitiless, indifferent; they’re somehow benevolent. They’re remote but tantalizingly close. They overwhelm with their numbers, yet you can ignore them all by studying one, and giving it the full force of your conjecture. A choir of light, a million silent voices, one great chord you cannot begin to imagine – but you’d know it if you heard it.

The man can write. Lordy, can he ever.


  1. Indeed, he is excellent.

    I think I am okay as a writer, I got A's in writing classes, and I was accepted and started a correspondence school for children's literature which I never completed. Some day maybe I will pick that up again. I don't have enough idle time to let those creative juices flow, so all you see from me is aimed at just getting information out there.

  2. You are a good writer, Laurie. It shows, both on your blog and in the comments here.


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