Saturday, February 25, 2006


So, a change in plans. Seeing as how the weather will be MUCH better tomorrow and my back-up coffee ain't all THAT bad, I decided to stay home and watch the Bronze Medal hockey game. Just one lil problem, however.

My NBC affiliate isn't televising the game. Neither is USA or MSNBC. Shut out, I am. What do we get instead? The freakin' men's biathlon. Oh, how very exciting...watching guys ski through a snowstorm and do a lil target shooting. O, the excitement! Watch how quickly Ollie manipulates the bolt on his rifle...will he shoot ALL the targets? I can't frickin' contain myself. OK, I'm a hockey fan, you all know that. It's really hard for me to see just how the biathlon can match a good hockey game, and even though we're talking Bronze here, it's STILL Olympic hockey, which by definition is GREAT.

It's times like these that make me want to learn how to construct fire-bombs...

Update 2/25/2006 1330 hrs MST: The game WILL be televised, albeit not in real-time. I'm watching the pre-game hoopla right now. In real-time, the score is 1 - o, Czech Republic, with Russia's Kovalchuk taking a game misconduct penalty in the second period. KOB-TV's studios in Albuquerque are safe for the moment, at least from me.

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  1. OK Buck, I want you to breathe and go take a baby aspirin.It's gonna be alright.


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