Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Watching the Prez...

...give his speech at Annapolis. Dubya just mentioned the White House web site has The National Strategy for Victory in Iraq. And so it does. More later.


  1. Might'en have been better if the Chickenhawk In Chief "War President" had had a strategy BEFORE going stampeding off to war - against the wrong enemy. One good strategy would have been going after the real terrorist, AKA Osama Bin Ladin;

    Now, nearly 5 years later OBL's still out there impudently tweeking CIC's nose (and not so coincidentally yours) with his tapes and costing the US stock market gazillions with just a few, cheap phrases.

    Talk about a war waged on the cheap - from a cost standpoint, OBL's being more effective with just a mere few mini-fractions of pennies on the dollar than all the War President's mega-billions GWOT. If he weren't such a demonic religious fanatic OBL would make a damned good Republican capitalist!

    Yeah - you and your GWB - you must be so proud!

  2. Yup, s'matter of fact I AM proud of Dubya. Proud enough that I use my own name to say so, rather than a pseudonymn or worse yet: "Anonymous."

    Hve a nice day, Loser.


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