Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Steyn Skewers Hollywood

As if it needed skewering...we all KNOW the PC nature of film making these days. Still, I got the link from Lileks (who's pretty good in this area, too) and was off to the races. A sample:
...I stopped to buy the third boxed set in the ''Looney Tunes Golden Collection.'' Loved the first two: Daffy, Bugs, Porky, beautifully restored, tons of special features. But, for some reason, this new set begins with a special announcement by Whoopi Goldberg explaining what it is we're not meant to find funny: ''Unfortunately at that time racial and ethnic differences were caricatured in ways that may have embarrassed and even hurt people of color, women and ethnic groups,'' she tells us sternly. ''These jokes were wrong then and they're wrong today'' -- unlike, say, Whoopi Goldberg's most memorable joke of recent years, the one at that 2004 all-star Democratic Party gala in New York where she compared President Bush to her, um, private parts. There's a gag for the ages.

I don't know what Whoopi's making such a meal about. It's true you don't see many positive images of people of color on ''Looney Tunes,'' but then the images of people of non-color aren't terribly positive either (Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam). Instead, you see positive images of ducks of color, roadrunners of color and tweety birds of color. How weirdly reductive to be so obsessed about something so peripheral to these cartoons that you stick the same damn Whoopi Goldberg health warning on all four DVDs in the box. And don't think about hitting the "Next" button and skipping to the cartoons: You can't; you gotta sit through it.
And I mentioned Lileks. His take on the same subject is hilarious as only James can be. One just can't skewer (I like that word!) Political Correctness enough...it's impossible. If there's any one thing I can point to that's destroying America, it's the pervasive, stifling influence of having to be Politically Correct In All Things. Feh.

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  1. Read both articles a couple days ago. I hoped PC-ness was a passing fad ten years ago. Perhaps things are swinging back a little, what with the movement from "Happy holidays" back to "Merry Christmas." I know, that's light compared to the aspects of PC that REALLY hurt society, but it's a start.

    Also, you said:
    "Reese: About that wildfire. You got me. But I’m glad they got it under control! It was just south of me (I’m in Portales) and sure created a LOT of smoke. There was enough residual smoke in the air that the sunset was a bit more spectacular than usual."

    I'm glad they got it under control. The coverage here (greater Albuquerque) included amazing footage of the wildness of the wildfire.


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