Wednesday, November 23, 2005

P.T. Barnum Would be Proud...

In life's "There's a sucker born every minute" category, Yahoo reports:
EBay said the average price for consoles, including those sold with games and other add-ons, was $660. However, the company said some console packages were selling for as much as $2,500, with bidding and sales prices varying widely.
Sold out. Go figure. I thought $300.00 for the basic XBox 360 and $400.00 for the "deluxe" version was highway robbery. But, in America ya just gotta have the latest and greatest, right? Me? I'd wait for the price cuts, if I were a gamer. But I'm not. Thank God.

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  1. Was in Wally-world on Monday afternoon and saw over a dozen people "camped out" in the electronic's section eagerly awaiting the midnight release. One woman became visibly upset upon learning she had wasted 80 dollars on buying someone's place in line, only to find out Wal-Mart had 19 units available for sale.

    I just saw 6 units on sale at the local GameStop. No apparent shortage here in Layton, UT.


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